Artist’s Unique Nightmare on Elm Street Movie Poster

Posted on: January/26/2012 12:58 AM

Designing an effective movie poster can be a challenge. A film can be interpreted in limitless ways, and it’s up to the movie poster’s artist to accurately capture the film’s essence in a showcased image. Done correctly it can enrich the promotion of the film and become part of the film’s very identity. Matthew Peak’s NOES-related artwork is a clear example of this. Done incorrectly it can mislead the audience or, worse, possibly damage the film’s reputation.

Artist James Rheem Davis designed an amazing poster for A Nightmare on Elm Street in 2008 that falls under the “done correctly” column. This poster, which is pictured below, was designed for Fear Fest 2 and is a favorite because it so boldly represents Wes Craven’s 1984 classic in grindhouse style—a clear departure from Matthew Peak’s established style for the series. Davis successfully created a vibrant homage to old exploitation films without losing the spirit of the more modern Elm Street. See more of Davis’ imaginative artwork at Giant Sumo.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Movie Poster by James Rheem Davis