1428 Elm Street

1428 Elm Street

One of the most famous stars from the Nightmare on Elm Street series resides in Hollywood at 1428 Genesee Avenue. Used for exterior shots in the first and second films, the “Elm Street house” became intertwined with the Nightmare mythos as the series progressed. Even though the “haunted” house was a set piece in films 3–6, Wes Craven again filmed the actual house to make an appearance in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.

Built in 1919, the house is of traditionalist/modern fusion design, 2,700 sq. ft., with five bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. By 2006, the house had fallen into noticeable disrepair and was put up for sale. The house’s 2006 listing included some interior photos which can be viewed below.

In 2007, homeowner Angie Hill purchased the house and began restoring it. Her extensive remodeling and restoration efforts were showcased on Aol Real Estate’s blog in October 2012.

“I replaced every piece of wood and reconfigured the floor plan,” Hill told Aol Real Estate’s Graham Wood. “I ripped off half the house.” The year-long renovation completely gutted the old interior and rear of the house, leaving only the framework and a portion of the front outer shell intact. Hill’s renovation replaced an impressive 90 percent of the home. As a tribute to the Nightmare series, Hill ensured the front door sported the familiar color red.

Sean Clark, of Horror’s Hallowed Grounds, visited 1428 North Genesee Avenue with Nightmare star Heather Langenkamp in “Horror’s Hallowed Grounds: Return to Elm Street.” Clark and Langenkamp toured the house and discussed its impact on horror and her memories of filming. Additionally, Clark interviewed Hill in 2010 about the renovation and her feelings about owning the popular house that Freddy Krueger haunted.

Hill put the house back on the market in February 2013 and it was sold on March 1, 2013.

1428 North Genesee Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Just south of Sunset Blvd, and just two streets east of Orange Grove Avenue.

Note: This is a private residence. Please do not bother the people living there. See Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy for more information about “Horror’s Hallowed Grounds: Return to Elm Street.”

Photos (circa 2006)

1428 North Genesee Avenue (2006)1428 North Genesee Avenue (2006)1428 North Genesee Avenue (2006)1428 North Genesee Avenue (2006)

1428 North Genesee Avenue (2006)1428 North Genesee Avenue (2006)1428 North Genesee Avenue (2006)

Photos (circa 2007 © April A. Taylor)

1428 North Genesee Avenue (2007)1428 North Genesee Avenue (2007)1428 North Genesee Avenue (2007)

Photos (circa 2013)

1428 North Genesee Avenue (2013)