A Nightmare on Elm Street

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Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) is having grisly nightmares. Something monstrous wants to kill her. Meanwhile, her high school friends, who are having the very same dream, are being slaughtered in their sleep by the hideous fiend of their shared nightmare. When the police ignore her explanation, she herself must confront the killer in his shadowy realm.

Featuring John Saxon (Enter the Dragon) and Johnny Depp in his first starring role as well as mind-bending special effects, this horror classic gave birth to one of the most infamous undead villains in cinematic history. Reportedly naming Freddy Krueger after a kid who had bullied him in school, writer-director Craven hatches a shock-fest that “goes straight to the heart of terror” (Seattle Times).

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Release Date: November 9, 1984
Run Time: 92 minutes

Aspect Ratios
Widescreen Anamorphic: 1.85:1
Full Screen (Standard): 1.33:1

Budget: $1,800,000 (Estimated)
Gross: $25,504,513 (US)
Additional Box Office Statistics

US: If Nancy Doesn’t Wake Up Screaming
She Won’t Wake Up at All
UK: Sleep Kills

International Release Dates
US: November 9, 1984 (Premiere)
US: November 16, 1984
France: March 6, 1985
Sweden: March 15, 1985
South Korea: March 23, 1985
Philippines: July 13, 1985
Australia: August 1, 1985
West Germany: August 29, 1985
Portugal: November 10, 1985
Japan: May 24, 1986
Finland: June 27, 1986
Netherlands: September 11, 1986
Hungary: January 11, 1990
Turkey: October 26, 1990

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