The Nightmare on Elm Street Companion has been a resource for Nightmare on Elm Street fans since August 2002.

This website began as a companion to The Nightmare Series Encyclopedia DVD, focusing on what the DVD collection did not. Thanks to fans (like you), this website grew to be the largest Nightmare related website on the Internet. With over 2GB of multimedia, special features, and exclusives the Nightmare on Elm Street Companion is the most complete Nightmare website you will find—the ultimate online resource!

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Some very dedicated Nightmare on Elm Street fans have provided valued assistance over the years, contributing to this website in a variety of capacities. Their consistent contributions have helped make this website the ultimate Nightmare resource for everyone!

Additional special thanks to Mark Shostrom, Rachel Talalay, Lisa Wilcox, and Warner Bros.


This website thrives because of fan submissions! We are always looking for better quality scans of images and promotional pieces, along with any rarities missing from the archive. Here is a brief listing of specific items needed:

  • Published articles about the Nightmare on Elm Street series (see Articles for details)
  • Film production storyboards
  • High resolution scans of the foreign film posters
  • Authentic scripts for episodes of Freddy’s Nightmares
  • Robert Englund’s 1987 appearance on The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers

We appreciate any materials you are willing to share from your personal collection. All submissions are credited unless you wish to remain anonymous. Contact us for details.

See Fans if you want to upload photos or scans of your Nightmare-inspired artwork, costume, or memorabilia collection.