Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

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Just when you thought it was safe to go to sleep, Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) is back to haunt your dreams and freeze your blood!

Lisa Zane (Bad Influences) is a child psychologist tormented by recurring nightmares. But not until she meets a new patient with the same horrific dreams does her quest for answers lead to a certain house on Elm Street—where an evil that defies the greave is about to be unleashed upon the world.

With Yaphet Kotto (TV’s Homicide, Alien) and cameos by Roseanne, Tom Arnold, Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp, this chapter in the worlds most terrifying dream saga is a fantastic voyage.

— DVD Sleeve Summary

Release Date: September 13, 1991
Run Time: 96 minutes

Aspect Ratios
Widescreen Anamorphic: 1.85:1
Full Screen (Standard): 1.33:1

Budget: $8,500,000 (Estimated)
Gross: $34,872,033 (US)
Additional Box Office Statistics

US: They Saved the Best for Last.
UK: They Saved the Best… for Last.
Home Video: Evil Has Finally Met Its Match.

International Release Dates
Germany: September 5, 1991
US: September 13, 1991
Australia: December 5, 1991
Norway: December 26, 1991
France: January 8, 1992
Sweden: January 10, 1992
UK: January 17, 1992
Japan: January 18, 1992
Spain: January 31, 1992
Turkey: February 7, 1992
Portugal: February 21, 1992
Belgium: March 26, 1992
Netherlands: March 27, 1992
Argentina: April 2, 1992
Finland: April 24, 1992
Brazil: July 24, 1992
Hungary: July 31, 1992

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