Beyond the Films

A Nightmare on Elm Street extends well beyond the silver screen. New Line Cinema quickly recognized the popularity (i.e., marketability) surrounding the Nightmare on Elm Street series and unique villain Freddy Krueger, and embraced other formats to promote their property. They used these other formats, in most cases, to continue Freddy Krueger’s story or expand upon the broader Nightmare on Elm Street mythos. Characters from the Nightmare on Elm Street series have appeared in books, comic books, magazines, video games, and the television series Freddy’s Nightmares. Memorabilia collectors also had cause to celebrate as their favorite Nightmare on Elm Street characters appeared on posters, shirts, board games, trading cards, and more. Now, Freddy Krueger inspired Halloween costumes are the norm, as are collectible figures, statuettes, and other props. New Line Cinema’s successful merchandising efforts firmly established Nightmare on Elm Street’s staying power as a pop culture phenomenon.

This section explores the various media and merchandise releases beyond the films. It would be an impossible feat to list every entry or item that was ever manufactured; however, here you will find the most notable items available for collectors and fans alike.

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