About the Nightmare on Elm Street Companion

Founded in August 2002, the Nightmare on Elm Street Companion is the largest fan website about the Nightmare on Elm Street series on the Internet. With a focus on the entire series and its representation in different media, this site has amassed a very large and intensely loyal readership over the years. The Nightmare on Elm Street Companion regularly features articles about the series and is often updated with series materials and media. In addition, this site maintains a popular fan forum, YouTube channel, and provides updates to fans via Facebook and Twitter.

Furthermore, the Nightmare on Elm Street Companion is widely respected by fantasy/horror/science fiction fans, industry insiders, and journalists. This site has contributed to several articles, featurettes, and specials about the Nightmare series, and hosts the official forums for documentaries I Am Nancy and Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy.

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