Wildstorm lists Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash!

Posted on: August/24/2007 7:24 AM

Wildstorm has updated their release information for November.  Oddly, Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash is listed as a 2 issue series (of 6): 

Freddy vs. Jason vs. AshFREDDY VS. JASON VS. ASH #1 (OF 2)
Written by James Kuhoric; Art by Jason Craig; Covers by J. Scott Campbell

Don’t miss the first two issues of a blood-soaked 6-part miniseries drawing together three of horror’s greatest characters! In the bloody wake of the hit movie Freddy vs. Jason, Freddy Krueger finds himself clinging to the last shred of fear that allows him to exist…inside the demented mind of Jason Voorhees. Unwillingly bonded together, the murderous pair must seek out the Necronomicon, the only solution to their mutual torment. Nothing can stop this unholy alliance — except the wisecracking, chainsaw-wielding Ash, aimed at destroying the Book of the Dead once and for all!

On Sale November 7, 2007 


Written by James Kuhoric; Art by Jason Craig; Cover on issue #2 by Eric Powell

Heads will fly as Jason and Freddy lay siege to Crystal Lake’s newest S-Mart, where Ash and the rest of the gang guard the Necronomicon with their very lives. Will Freddy free himself from his hellish prison, or will Ash finally fulfill his destiny? It’s a machete-swinging, boomstick-firing brawl as only Wildstorm and Dynamite can deliver!

On Sale November 28, 2007