Website Update: Articles, Home Video, and Submissions

Posted on: April/13/2013 10:00 PM

Check out the new articles available under the archive covering season two of Freddy’s Nightmares and Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare:

Myles Arden generously submitted new home video cover images of the following:

  • Media Home Entertainment’s VHS Spanish dubs of Dream Warriors, The Dream Master, and The Dream Child
  • UCG’s German VHS releases of The Dream Child and Freddy’s Dead
  • Warner Home Video’s Japanese laserdisc release of Dream Warriors
  • Image Entertainment’s US laserdisc releases of Freddy’s Dead and New Nightmare

View them under each film’s respective home video page.

Lastly, About now features a quick note about submissions and includes a brief list of wanted items. Can you help?