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The Making of Freddy vs. Jason

Two heavyweights. One final battle. And a lot of unlucky bystanders along the way. … Read more »

Behind the Glove

By William Schoell & Marc Shapiro Published in The Nightmare Never Ends and Wes … Read more »

Freddy’s Dead!

Krueger’s Last Stand By Marc Shapiro Published in Fangoria #107. After four sequels and … Read more »

Coming of Age on Elm Street

Proclaiming herself Freddy’s first equal, Lisa Wilcox vows: “Wimp, no more!” By: Marc Shapiro … Read more »

Freddy’s Foes

Alice is basically on even terms with Freddy, and her powers are equal to … Read more »

On Location! A Nightmare on Elm Street 5…

You asked for it, you got it. The newest installment returns Freddy Krueger to … Read more »

Freddy FX

We’re going more for a Gothic, stylized look than a gory one. By Marc … Read more »

Robert Englund’s Freddy Saga

Freddy is the physical incarnation of some of our deepest and most frightening fears. … Read more »

I Want My Fred TV!

Robert Englund, Tobe Hooper and the rest of the Freddy’s Nightmares gang look back … Read more »

Freddy: Wimpy or Wicked?

By: Marc Shapiro Published in Fanorgia #81. Does Freddy have feet of clay? Beginning … Read more »

On Set: A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The…

Freddy goes to the dogs and plays nurse, among other bizarre developments, as the … Read more »

Growing Up on Elm Street

Heather Langenkamp, everybody’s favorite dream queen, discusses Nancy’s return to her Ol’ Nightmare Home. … Read more »

Welcome to Freddy Hell!

Despite script hassles and a new director, the “Elm Street” gang hope to redeem … Read more »