Special Guest: Lisa Wilcox

Posted on: October/11/2008 12:01 AM

Special Guest: Lisa WilcoxLisa Wilcox, star of A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 & 5, was our special guest in October 2008. Lisa personally answered fan questions on the forum in which she covered a wide range of topics. See below for the archived threaded discussion.

Welcome to the official Lisa Wilcox thread!

Lisa Wilcox starred as “Alice”, the dream master, in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master and A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. She also appeared in a variety of other projects including the independent short The All New Adventures of Chastity Blade and upcoming film The Intruders. Her television credits include appearing in such popular shows as Star Trek: The Next Generation, General Hospital, Walker, Texas Ranger, and more. Click here to view Lisa’s full filmography.

In 2000, Lisa (along with Nightmare 4 co-star Tuesday Knight) began jewelry enterprise Toe Brights. Since its conception, the jewelry originals produced by Toe Brights quickly became a favorite to many of Hollywood’s elite.

Ms. Wilcox will be taking some of her personal time to directly answer questions brought by you, the fans, here at the forum. As with any forum discussion, you will be able to respond to her answers, and if time allows, she will respond to any additional questions or comments. Fan questions below are highlighted in red and Lisa’s responses are in white.

Please note: As with any open discussion, please be respectful in your questions and responses. Ms. Wilcox is here as a courtesy to fans, so please be mindful in your postings.


Alicerocks4: Lisa, can you share with us what inspired you to become an actress?

Hi Alicerocks4! What inspired me to be an actress was reading books. The stories and the characters mesmerized me. I was very shy growing up so books were my friends. A private haven where my life and imagination could abound. All kinds of books! – from Dracula, Nancy Drew, I Love Flicka, or For The Love of Anne. etc…My Mom took me to the local library all the time and ordering books from school scholastic. It was a great day when the paper books arrived! Sometimes, I would stay up most the night reading with my electric blanket light. Ultimately, I found myself wanting to express the story, ideas, and feelings of the characters as an actress. Rock on! Lisa

Deb: You are always taking time for fans, and I want to say thank you. There are very few actors or actresses who give there time. Did you ever take formal acting lessons or did you just “learn on the fly”?

Hiya Deb! First of all, thank you! I sincerely enjoy talking with you all at the shows! To answer your question, I learned on the fly at first. Think my first try was actually raising my hand to read in an English Lit class – Jane Eyre I think it was. Then all those books I read and imagining the scenes played out. I wasn’t allowed to watch much television,except on on Saturday mornings, which I think is a good thing looking back. Instead, I would write up little skits and drag my sister down to the basement to act them out for Mom and Dad. Costumes and everything!

In highschool I learned on the fly. I did a couple plays but then ventured out and did Equity Waiver in Southern Cal from 16 years old to 18. Learned so much from some wonderful actors, producers and directors. At last, graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre. While going to college, I also studied Grotowski, outside of UCLA, with Leonidas Osentinski, 3 nights a week for 2 years. Spent 6 weeks in Poland, working with amazing theatre groups. Theatre there is what tv and film are to us – they went to the theatre 3x a week. Don’t know if that is still case now in 2008.

Trish: Lisa – we love you, thank you for taking the time to answer some of our goofy fan questions. What was the most embarrassing audition you had? Also, how do you “psych” yourself up for roles?

Hello Trish, Love ya for being here! This is fun! Most embarrassing audition was for Valerie’s Family aka Hogan’s Family. My fly was down. I was horrified after I discovered leaving the audition room! But, I did get the role!

One more – I was called back for Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures, TV series for FOX. I was soooooo nervous and shaking, etc. and totally blew the call back. I had been out of the acting world for a year since I’d been pregnant with my first son. I called my agent, asked him to beg the producers to see me again. Well, they did let me try again, and I landed the series regular role of Missy. Also studied with Anita Jesse and Harvey Lembeck Comedy. Well, I was pretty serious about acting and exploring. Was also aware that a wonderful mid-west up bringing also needed to be challenged a bit in order for me to be a better actress.

Well, the better prepared I am, the more confidence I feel and then less nervous. This includes making specific choices for the character, just plain figuring out why this character is in the script and memorizing lines. Plus, just keep reminding myself that all those producers, director, casting director, etc. in the audition room are people too and all have some first or 5th job they don’t want anyone to know about! Also, focus on the FUN. It is FUN to play and create – like in Mom and Dad’s basement!

Jon: Hi Lisa! Thank you for this question/answer session. Which medium do you prefer, film or television? Why?

Helllloooo Jon! Thank you! I love both! Television is so fast so it keeps me on my toes…it pushes me to be quick and ready at a snap. Here is your prop – GO! The energy is like the autobahn. Then you finish and it is like, Wow! Mr. Toads Wild ride x 100!

Film work – Much more time for details – character development with costumes, props, revisions in the script, etc. more time for takes and just the right one. Plus the excitement of being on a big screen and the 100’s of people who work on a film to make it be. This is a joy to experience, regardless of the box office success or failure of a film.

Lisa: You portray such strong/formable characters. Which character was your favorite to portray? Have you ever wanted to play an evil villain sort?

Hi there! Well, Alice is definitely one of my favorites! The character arch is beautifully structured in NMOES4 – written by Brian Helgeland, who went on to write more amazing stories and screenplays. The story of a shy and introverted young woman who accepts the challenge of a formidable force is powerful. Alice’s friends gave her their strength because they believed she was the one that would fight and win. Love Matrix, loved playing Yuta on Star Trek – such a conflicted character. Also loved a guest star part in Walker Texas Ranger, episode, Saving Grace, played a nun, Grace. a sad but sweet story. Loved playing Florence Henderson and Carol Brady in Behinds the Scenes, The Brady Bunch. So fun to be on that set! Chasitiy Blade was also fabulous to play. Would be fun to play a Villain! – but casting directors don’t buy it. Not in my make up – I need more acting classes.

Marko: You always seem to work consistently. In your opinion, why do you think there are “out of work” actors, as opposed to those who keep consistent work schedules? You always hear of actors who complain about how work is not available, but when reading your filmography, I don’t see that in your case. What’s your secret to this success?

Dear Marko! Well, I had a great agent who beleived in me 100% Then, I had to meet his expectation. I did, most of the time, and booked jobs. But honestly, it took me about 70 auditions before I booked my first professional job (tv/film) and then, I began to work regularily for 17 years. He kept saying something about the “hook” when you audition. I finally began to understand what he meant! If you are starting out, do and apply for everything. Experience counts! Stay away from day player work. Instead, do some student films and create a reel of your work! Focus, focus is all I can say. Learn your part, research, ask questions to yourself about the role, the script…But, also have a life! Friends, family, hobbies. Life is what keeps you interesting and interested. After an 8 year hiatus, I am glad to be back and doing some acting again. I Have a wonderful new agent. Very excited about the “The Intruders” filmed this summer. Steven Bauer stars.

Shadowlady1600: Lisa, do you have any children? If so, what do they think about their mom being a horror icon?

Happy Halloween Shadow Lady1600! I have 2 wonderful boys, 17 and 13. They seem to think it is pretty cool that I did those movies. We get into Halloween. But. it is more about, what’s for dinner Mom?

Annie: Fans understand you are still involved in running Toe Brights. Can you share how that project came about? You also have a large list of celebrity clients, can you tell us who some of them are? Any favorites?

Hey Annie! Toe Brights began in 2000. Tuesday and I literally bumped into each other. She was making these cute toe rings and we became business partners in all aspects. After I had invested about all I had, less than a year later, a third partner joined us who became the majority owner. She set us up with a factory, offices and infrastructure. My fav of the celebrities would be Gene Simmons. We were interviewed by VH1 for “Where Are They Now” and the gal who interviewed us (she was really cool) was wearing a Toe Brights necklace when she interviewed Gene Simmons a few weeks later. He loved the necklace and she gave it to him!

GlenLantz: As fans, we’ve heard many stories about you and Tuesday Knight having a falling out. I was wondering if you cared to set the record straight on what exactly happened between the two of you. I have recently had the opportunity to meet you at Monster Mania this past August. I think it’s great that you are interested in coming out and meeting your fans. It was an absolute pleasure to finally meet you! Do you have any plans to attend more conventions? Many fans and convention promoters have been trying to locate Danny Hassel in hopes to get him to attend conventions. Do you have any idea where he is?

Hi GlenLantz! I am so sorry, but I am advised to not yet discuss the issue between Toe Brights and Tuesday. Hope you understand. I love the Monster Mania show. Dave the promoter is a class act. I have a blast at conventions – Love meeting you all! I am sure I’ll do a couple next year – not alll firmed up yet! I will announce them at wwww.lisawilcox.com. Danny is in Iraq last we heard. A secret mission of all things. I sure hope he is okay and say a prayer for our troops over there risking their lives.

Dancetaria: Have you ever been asked to come here in Belgium to the F.A.C.T.S festival? Would you accept? Robert Englund came last year – me and lot of people would be pleased to see you there one day!

Dear Dancetaria, I have not been asked but I’d sure love to go! I will be sure and let my manger know!!! Thanks for the info.

Melinda Jean The Code Blue Queen: Why don’t you have a MySpace page?

Well Melinda Jean, I ask myself that same question! It is a matter of time I guess. I have 2 children, work, have to travel and started acting again. Oh my, busy days! I did make a promise to myself that I would do it by the end of the year. I am on facebook though! Just joined a few weeks ago. Please check it out!

Ben Adams: Well first of all I would just like to say my name is Ben Adams. I am probably one or the biggest Nightmare fans; I love them more than anything. Toys and pictures posters everything. The thing I want more than anything is to meet you. I have tried so many times but it never seems to work for me. My flight got cancelled when going to Monster Mania – I was crushed! I thought I finally got that chance to meet you. What’s it like to have thousands of people tell you they love your movies? Personally, to me, I think (Nightmare) 4 is amazing. It set a new boundary to Freddy and the (series’) guidelines – it’s my 3rd fav nightmare. I would just love to say it would be great to meet you and get a chance to talk to you – I’d be the happiest person in the world. Hopefully one day it will happen.

Hey there Ben Adams! What a total bummer about your flight!!! Traveling is a bear these days. Well, check my website now and then and hopefully soon there will be a schedule of shows and we will meet. Thank you for your commitment and love of the NOES films! NOES4 is my 3rd favorite too. I like the original, then NOES3 then 4. The original is just plain scary and fantastic. 3 has the perfect setting and wonderful characters with marvelous actors. 4 has something of everything. Well, that’s my opinion anyway… When we meet, we will chat about it. Please excuse any typos by the way!!!!

Josh E.: Wow – Lisa, you are great! Thank you for being here! You’ve acted in mainstream media and started your own business, have a family, etc. Can you tell us what the most important “life lesson” you’ve taken away from all your experiences is? (Kinda a heavy question, I know.)

Hi there Josh E, Thank you for your question! Life lesson so far – Work hard, play hard. I forgot at times to play because there is so much to do! In the end, take care of soul and body, and work hard and earnest. Learn the discipline for both. Do things that put a smile on your face, as long as it doesn’t hurt someone else!

Ghostbuster_slimes: What was it like to see yourself on a theatre screen for the first time? Do you remember your first premiere, if so, what was that like? Thank you. *waves hi from the Netherlands*

Hello Ghostbuster_slimes from the Netherlands! It was a true WOW to be on the theatre screen! I felt really proud to be on that big screen and wondered how many from my growing up years would see me in the film. Thinking back, that is kind of silly I guess. At the time, part of my personal motivation was to extinguish my shyness. Being an actress will help do that! I wish they had facebook back then and could have been contacting those from the past. Premiere of NOES4 was in Westwood, CA. It was a dreamy. Grand surprise was my Father who rented a limo and picked up my Grandmother from Irvine. It was a special night full of surprises. Party afterwards at my in-laws house. Friends, family and cast. The financial success of the film came later. I walked away from the premiere with WOW, that was a super fun movie and everyone did a such a great job, etc. P.S. Ghostbusters is such an icon. Love them all.

Shasha A.: Lisa, you mentioned in an earlier answer regarding different acting opportunities being available to you now. I’ve read many actresses complain about ageism running rampant in Hollywood – do you find this when doing current auditions?

Hi Shasha A! You bet, ageism is rampant and regret ever sharing my true date of birth anytime or anywhere – IMDB and they WON’T remove it. At times, I wish I had been a more savy actress and lied about my age. But, I didn’t. I play 35 years old. So, there you go. The issue is that some of us look our age, some look younger, some older. A birth date is no indication of what age someone can play, physically or emotionally. I am not saying someone who is 50 can play 30, but it would be nice to remove birth dates from imdb. Allow an in-person audition, actor reel or headshots to tell a casting director, director or producer what age an actor “is”. Fortunately, at the moment, there are parts out there for 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Mostly male. The babyboom generation viewers have perhaps allowed/encouraged/preferred actors close to their age, so to relate with a character. Excellent! Would still love to see more series with FEMALE leads, guest-stars, co-stars. SAG statistics are 7 of 10 roles are male. (2007) So, ageism, yes an issue. But, a bigger issue still, for many, many years, is sexism. Actresses get hit with both sides of the coin – age and female. It is rough out there i tell ya!

Slasherstalking: Hello Lisa. You are always attending fan conventions – and we love you for it – what is the most frequently asked question you are asked by fans and what is that answer?

Hi Slasherstalking! Thank you for visiting the conventions! Most frequently asked question – there is a tie! What was it like to work with Robert Englund? Answer: Amazing! He is brillant with an IQ off the charts. I could listen to him all day, and learn! Also, a very giving actor and person. I’m a fan. What was it like to be in a NOES film? Answer: So fun! A dream, and still is… To be part of such a franchise… To have been asked to play this wonderful character, Alice. Endeared and proud of the continuing effect of NOES.

Underliningquestioningfan: You’ve told us about Toe Brights and how that started, but what challenges did you encounter when you decided to be an entrepreneur? Congratulations on its success!

Hi Underliningquestioningfan! Well, money is quite a challenge to be an entrepreneur! To take such a risk and give everything is terrifying. I had worked at businesses and was also U.S. Marketing Director at a company for a while, so I felt comfortable with the business aspects, though still had things to learn. However, when it is your own baby and $$$, it sets a new tone and a different kind of challenge when you work for yourself and with partners. There is a whole different level of discipline that has to happen when it is your own business. Are you an entrepreneur or thinking of being one? I’m curious!

Danderisdeadly6: Hi Lisa!!! Have you ever been to Australia? We would love for you to visit us “down under” for a convention some time.

Hey there Danderisdeadly6! I have never been to Australia, but would so love to one day!!! “Down under” I want to see water swirl in the opposite direction! I think your governement is thumbs up and have kept Australia the wonderful place I hear it to be. All I ever hear is that Australia is a place you never want to leave. Ok, I am e-mailing my agent – convention in Australia, please, please, please!


Freddysfriend10: Lisa, did you know of the Nightmare series before being cast in part 4? What was the audition process like? Also, did you have to audition again for your role in Nightmare 5?

Hello Freddy’s friend! Yes! I had seen Nightmare On Elm Street. I was in college. I have always loved scary movies and still do. Funny thing about auditioning – my agent submitted me for the role and they would not see me – they said I looked like a cheerleader -which I did! Then a few weeks later, they called and gave me a chance. I went in very non-cheerleader like, no make-up, limp hair, wore my worst color, light yellow , and did my thing – act! Based on me being me, in 4th grade. Annette Benson, the Casting Director later shared that they had auditioned over 600 actresses for the role of Alice. Nope, I did not have to audition for the role in 5. That was so cool! More – final call back for NMOES4 was 2 days before my wedding. I learned on my honeymoon that I had the part! I also agreed to have my hair dyed (a daily rinse) from blond to red brown. Bye, bye went my virgin blond hair. Ah, the sacrifices of an actress!

eyeslikeapisces: Hello and thank you, While most kids were role playing as spider man or superman I was throwing on a leather jacket and studded bracelet and acting out Alice’s final battle in Dream Master – lol

Right on eyeslikepisces!!! (my kids and my Mom and Dad are all Pisces by the way) Interesting enough – part of that scene was my body double! Like lacing the boot and buttoning the shirt. I had a second unit scene or something going on. I wish to this day I’d done ALL of it!!!! Well, I did much of it and what can I say except, “F..k’n A”!!!!

sincethenightmare: I just want say that you were one of the best (and gorgeous) heroines of the series! Lisa, what was it like to be the main character of Nightmares 4 and 5? What do you think of Alice? Do you keep in touch with anyone from the films? Did you ever try on Freddy’s glove while on the set of either film?

Good evening sincethenightmare! First of all, Thank you!!! It was just something else to be the main character in those films! I felt completely at home playing the part – really me in grade school – shy and introverted, day dreamer. At the same time, there is the acting and character development. I had never done any part close to this big so it took a lot of focus and concentration at my young and inexperienced age – and just married! We shot out of sequence, as most movies do, so I had notes all over my script. For instance – in this scene I have Debbie and Shelia’s strengths, in this scene Kristin’s, etc. It was wild fun and a wonderful challenge to make it true and believable.

To answer your question, I think Alice is pretty amazing. In the end, she did not decide to fear and hide or own any rights to “poor me”. Her mother died, her dad was an alcoholic jerk and her friends die. Well, we ALL have our struggles that can weigh us down. She accepted what was asked of her and chose to change and adapt for the sake of what she believed in and knew she had to do, which was fight and live. I keep in touch with many from the films. Brooke and I recently went bowling with our 13 year olds! I DID try on a glove! – some were super sharp (scary!) and some like rubber. Very cool I must say. There were like 5 different gloves I believe. Just an FYI – several of the pictures on the mirror were personal photos of me, my sister and friends.

MOYD: It really means a lot to have one of the featured actors from the franchise join us here on the forum. You’ve said a few times that you would like Alice to return to the series. I know a lot of fans would like that as well, since many of us felt her story was never really finished. If they ever did finally decide to bring her back, how would you like to see it done? What role could you envision her playing now in a new Nightmare film, after seeing where the franchise has gone in the years since The Dream Child? And if I may ask another… Which version of Alice did you enjoy playing the most: The introverted teen who becomes a fighter in Nightmare 4, or the mother character in Nightmare 5?

Hiya MOYD! Thank you so much! I am pleased to be here and happy to share. Well, I have given thought about how or what would be if brought back and tie up an ending for Alice. I give up! Hello writers?! It might be interesting for Alice to have become a Nun, or nurse or caring camp counselor. – and single mom of course to boot. Daniel would be 21 now – living life at the fullest or not? Ummm, many ideas abound. Ultimately, I’d like to do cameos of various “guidance” parts in the next series and never die. OR, an awesome death scene. I respect both plots and parts in NMOES 4 and 5. If I had to choose, I would say 4 was my favorite to play because of the dramatic character arc. But, on the other hand, specific dynamic social topics brought up in 5 was pretty brave to have in a script… such topics as abortion, teen motherhood, bulimia, a failed father and son relationship and athletic achievement at a tender age. NMOES5 hits many currrent topics of the time and still current. It is dark, but real.

The Phantom Prowler: Hey Lisa, it’s Troy! Remember me from the e-mail questionnaire some years ago? Thanks for doing this and being there all these years for the fans! You will always rock! Have you heard of the remake to Nightmare on Elm Street? What is your opinion on it? Do you think it is a good idea or bad idea and why? Awhile ago, I asked a question to you as to who would play you in a movie based on yourself, and you said Julia Stiles. If I asked you that same question again now (which I am), would you change your answer or stick with Julia? If you change your opinion, could you explain why?

Hi Troy! Wow! How are you??? I have heard of the remake and I think it is grand idea. Why? Because it is a compliment. Nightmare On Elm Street stood out with it’s concepts and story, so, could be remade over and over with each generation. If done right. The question of course is, will the new NMOES be better than or less than the originals? Well, I have to say, I loved the original Dracula and novel. But, I continue to love/enjoy the many generations of that same concept. Anne Rice rocks and the films. Also, Lost Boys. My hope is that they spend a little money and the remake is filled with wonderful actors, spanking new and old alike. Hope for a creative script. Sticking with Julia!

Twin Crystal: Hey, Lisa. Love your work. I know you from both NOES and Star Trek TNG. In all honesty I’d love to see you in the next NEOS more then anyone else. That would be too cool. You’re the only person from the original series I would want to see in the remake. O and thanks for taking the time to visit our little corner.

Dear Twin Crystal! Oh, that is so cool you know Star Trek TNG. It was such a sweet and sorrow part. Proud to be on the TNG Monopoly Board as a property. Kinda wild! Well, keep fingers crossed, and hopefully I’ll be in the next series or remake.

Dancetaria: First of all, hi from Belgium! Did Freddy make any impact on your life? Do you have any anecdotes about the shooting?

Hi Dancetaria! Hope to see you at F.A.C.T.S. !!! Freddy made an impact on my life I never ever expected. I saw the original while in college, at UCLA studing theatre. Not knowing I would be a character in. NOES4 was an unexpected box office hit and launched New Line Cinema to new heights with the new capital (money) and due credit for a gosh darn fun filled awesome movie. So, here I am, 20 years later- still enjoying and proud of being part of New Line Cinema’s very successful NightmareOn Elm Street series. Anecdotes – Playing with forks in the Wes Crav Inn. I am waitressing and playing with the forks. There was this shadow happening on a small bit of wall. I approached Renny and asked him to check it out. Forks became knives. Freddy foreshadow with the shadow of knives (his glove) on the wall. Academy Awards: 2004? They respectfully do a film past back story every year. They showed a clip from NMOES4 – Alice in the movie theatre, sipping my soda and eyes get wide. Neato!

Silveria: Hello Lisa. Thank you for answering our questions for us! Out of both Nightmare movies you starred in what was your favorite nightmare/death?

Good Evening Silveria! All of the death scenes in the series are quite remarkable. Either for their key visual effects or emotional undertone, or both. NOES does have this terrifying way of making a character’s death personal. Well, visually/visual effects – Debbie turning into a cock roach – that was something in NMOES4. Danny and the motorcycle in NOES5 – gruesome and painful to even watch but a WOW for sure. Psychologically/emotionally – Kristen burning in her bed in NOES4. Mark the comic, ends up in shreds – NOES5.

The Doctor: Hi Lisa. We met back at the Motor City Comicon in Novi, Michigan a few years ago. (Please come back. The picture we took together didn’t come out and I’d love to see you again).Do you have any keepsakes from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies you did? (The leather coat or numchuks, etc). Can you tell us any funny stories from that happened during the filming of a Nightmare on Elm Street 4 and 5?

Hey Doc! Would be a pleasure to be back in Novi again and get that new snap shot! Keep sakes – I have the dress from the last scene in NOES4 and have THE WES CRAVE INN menu. Have some wonderful set pictures as well. Funny stories- My Mom was going to be the older Alice in the diner scene. I showed Renny her picture – we look a lot alike. In the end, she was on her honeymoon in Hawaii and not avail for filiming. Love comes first for sure! Ummm, running theme – Hawaii honeymoons and NMOES? Often Called to an ASAP set rehearsal (normal stuff) but stepping into with dripping wet dyed hair, wearing a bib and no make-up. Acting does put humility aside and you just have to laugh. There are more funny and funnier stories. The cast can share more of these.

Thaddäus Tentakel: Hi Lisa! Thanks for answering our questions. You’ll always be associated with your role as Alice in “Nightmare” 4 & 5 (to me). Do you think someday you’ll be able to make people think of another film when they hear your name, or do you always want to be reminded as the one who beat Freddy? You did a great job in the two “Nightmare” – movies and I think all of us would be happy to see you again in a Freddy-film. Greetings from Germany!

Greetings Thaddaus Tentakel! I beleive there will be another film I will be remembered by, by name. I am middle aged now and auditions/parts are new and different opportunities. In the end, I would be very happy to be remembered as the heroine who beat Freddy! I look forward to playing Alice again, win or lose.

GlenLantz: Lisa, thank you for taking the time out to answer our questions. I was wondering if you could share with us what your experience was like working with Robert Englund and the cast of NOES4 & 5. What is your favorite Nightmare on Elm Street memory?

Hi GlenLantz! Robert Englund has an unbelievable IQ – he knows in detail and memory about so many topics, people, history, etc. We are all in a “dropped jaw” kind of expression when we meet up as cast members. He is also so humerous, kind, and generous. I am endeared and blown away by his reflections and comments about each film. He should be a writer. His observations are so insightful, he speaks with emotion, references history and reflects experience. Robert Englund chose to be an actor. Are we lucky or what? All in all, the cast in 4 and 5 was just the best! My favorite Nightmare On Elm Street memory is April 27, 1988 – first day of filming Nightmare On Elm Street 4, The Dream Master, my 24th birthday. Many other wonderful memories too…

F.C.K.: Hi Lisa Wilcox. Never thought I’d ever be saying that when I was a teenager with a huge crush on you. Anyway thanks for taking the time to do this. Along with Heather you are a firm favourite with the fans. Having worked along side him, what are your feelings on Robert Englund being replaced as Freddy Krueger. Can anyone else pull it off? The Nightmare movies had some bad press in their time because of so called fans taking their obsession to dangerous extremes. In New Nightmare, Heather Langenkamp thinks she is the victim of a stalker, a storyline which mirrored real events in her life at the time. Hopefully not, but I just wondered if you have ever been unfortunate enough to attract unwanted attention from that kind of “fan”. Thanks again.

Hi again F.C.K.!!! Eeks – I’ve had events that have happened but don’t think they were stalker related. During NOES4, I was mugged in the backyard coming out of my garage at about 1 am, getting home from NOES set, Valencia? I screamed like crazy, until he put his hand over my mouth. The neighbors heard me and my husband came out running with a knife. The thief did get away with my script bag – camera and script inside. Some great pictures were in that camera!

metaphor123: Lisa, Disregarding the time frames involved, is there another character in the NOES universe you might have liked to play? Were there any earlier drafts of the script that got changed or dropped? Were any of these filmed or partially filmed? In NOES 5, your character has a pot-plant holder in the shape of a pair of jeans. It’s absolutely surreal. Do you know what happened to it? Do you ever walk past a mirror, tie back your hair, and say ‘Fuckin A’??!

Hi Metaphor123! Very Happy. I think it is very acceptable that a remake of Nightmare on Elm Street is happening. All of us cast members are older. We now produce, direct, raise our families, etc. A remake is a compliment to the work we did and helped make the franchise it is. We did something worthy to continue a story to the next generation. I am fond of all the Dracula and Vampire remake films. Same with James Bond, etc…i have my favorite cast members, but I am still hooked on the story and will continue to buy a ticket year after year. Hoping for some integrity to the original story of Nightmare On Elm Street.

I would have loved to play a female version of Freddy – wouldn’t that be keen and creepy? A Mrs. Freddy. Surprisingly, very few scenes were dropped or changed, that I know of anyway. – I do recall a scene from NOES4 that we filmed and was not used…. I come down to the kitchen in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and open the refrigerater. Blood spurts out all and on the white nightgown I’m wearing. Very “Carrie” (one of my favorite horror films). It was wild to film this – imagine wearing all white and and an oxygen like tank with a hose that spurts “blood” all over you. White cloth and red blood – It is a powerful image that still sticks with me! I don’t know what became of that jeans shaped plantpot holder! Well, ya know, I should do that before auditions or just a regular day – look in the mirror and say, “Fuckin A”….!!! That scene, that line is all about self confidence and giving your all. I needed that reminder – thank you.

Mickey_Beck: Hey it’s Mickey. Love You. Were you ever a fan of NOES, or Robert, and if so what did you think when you got the call back to do part 4? Also, were there any plans for 5 at the time 4 was being shot, and if so, do you know what they considered doing?

Mickey! Hello! As a big horror fan myself, Loved NOES the original – that first death scene with Tina (played by terrific actress Amanda Wyss) was justabout the most amazing scary scene ever. Effects too were pretty terrific in the ol’ eighties. I was not familiar with Robert’s previous work when I did NOES. I was going to college and working hard – all that Grotowski and Poland, and did not own a TV in college. But, I am much more familiar now – he is a great actor and person!!! Was thrilled about the call back for NMOES4 on a Friday and got married on Sunday. I put more oil in my hair for the call back!

There was no discussion of NOES5 during NOES4. None at all. NOES4 opened in OCT 1988 and a dang good box office hit. My agent was called by New Line Cinema in spring of 1989 to offer the part of playing Alice again in NOES5. Ya know – it is a business and NOES4 did amazing box office business which took the whole series to a new sales medium. It comes down to profit!
My part of it all was to play Alice. Thrilled that Bob Shaye, New Line Cinema, made the franchise what it is today. Cheers!

DreamRevolution: Hi Lisa, I don’t know if you remember me or not but we met at Monstermania 11. I was the Girl that gave you those roses, your character’s etymology, the fortune cookie and crossover drawing I did of your character Alice, with video game character NiGHTS? Anyway, so I can stay on topic with the “theme” of this forum. Did you ever watch Nightmare 6, New Nightmare and Freddy vs Jason? You know, to keep track of where the storyline was going just in case you’d ever wanted to come back to do another one? To Prepare for your role of Alice in Nightmare 4 Did you have to watch/study Nightmares 1-3? When it came time to do part 5, did you watch part 4 to help you get back into the character and study your performance so you wouldn’t make any mistakes for that film? Thank you for your time and good luck any of your future projects.

Hi there! Thank you for your thoughtful gifts! Watching the rest of series is on my Netflix list. Rather shameful I must say but I do know all of NOES through 5 !!! Looking forward to seeing the rest…a working gal and Mom here – time goes by. I remembered the movies NOES 1-3 very well, so I did not watch again while auditioning and getting cast as Alice. The movies made an impact on me when I saw them in the theatre, so I left it at that. I did not want to be too hooked on the characters and characteristics to where I could not be myself and create and fulfill the character, Alice. However, since then, I’ve watched NOES and NOES 3 several times! My top 2 fav’s of the series. When I prepared for NOES 5, I watched again, NOES 4 for sure!

McDan: Hello Lisa, thanks so much for joining us! At one time there was at least one script for Freddy Vs Jason featuring your character. How close were you to becoming part of that movie in some capacity?

Hello McDan! Thanks for joining in. There was never an offer to act in Freddy vs. Jason, so I never saw a script – they did use a clip from one of the previous films. I wanted to be a part of it acting wise and offered to do a cameo at SAG scale, but they had their script and idea and I respect that! The story was about Freddy and Jason. Wish I had more to tell you, but that is it.
I hope one day, they do create and fulfill Alice’s story in some way – an end or new beginning.

The RICKimatum: In the end of Nightmare 5, was it you that got kissed by Freddy or was it a dummy?

Hi RICKimatum! The dummy, in one shot and I, in a another shot were kissed by Freddy. There was another actor too who performed in this sequence… Also, I wore Freddy makeup for 12 hours one day to do this scene sequence. It was not pleasant to look in the mirror, eat or put on… lipstick? To live in Robert E’s face make-up world for just a day was a challenge! Bows to Robert E.!!!

Thaddäus Tentakel: I’m also interested in your new project – Can you tell something more about your new film “Black Friday”? The plot reminds me a bit of “Halloween” and “Nightmare on Elm Street”. Are there even more parallels between them and “Black Friday”?

Hi Thaddaus Tentakel! Black Friday has not filmed yet and don’t know when it will. but, THE INTRUDERS has filmed, and being edtited -close to picture lock and then on to final edits with special effects and credits, etc. Check lisawilcox.com for updates or facebook!

Melinda Jean The Code Blue Queen: Do you know why did they cut out the scene in Nightmare 4, when Alice has the Nightmare about her Dad (being killed)?

Melinda Jean – I never read or saw this scene. Wow – they killed Dad?

DOWNtime: The two Nightmare films you were in had a lot of special effects. Was it difficult to act when the special effects were involved? Any examples of ones that didn’t work or you thought were too tedious?

It is Friday night and hello DOWNtime! Thankfully the directors and DP’s did a wonderful job of describing what was on the GREEN screen – special effects. Through their descriptions and story boards, acting appropiately was comfortable. NOES 4 -the theatre scene – flying into the movie screen, literally and ending up on the other side – What a trip. The trickiest was in NOES 5. The Eshere aspect was a challenge, for sure. Stephen Hopkins created amazing story boards with Eshere effects. I did my best Stephen!

Lines&stripes: You were in the most successful (financially) of the Nightmare films (4) and the least (5). What do you think they should have done to make Nightmare 5 more appealing to audiences? Thank you.

Hi Lines&Stripes! Good point! I see Nightmare On Elm Street 4 and 5 as two radically different scripts/films. NOES4 is a MTV version of NOES (loosely quoting Robert Englund who pegged it perfectly). NOES5 was much darker, literally and figuratively. The lighting was darker and the subject matters were heavier too – like abortion, teen motherhood, drinking and driving, bulimia, anorexia. I admire and praise Leslie Bohem and his script for addressing these hard hitting teen addictions and cry for help. Perhaps it was to much for a NOES film to handle. Thus, the film hit nerves too close to society home and therefore not as entertaining. You know what I mean?

Videogamejunkie: Lisa, in your opinion, why do you think the Nightmare films still have so many fans after all these years? For a horror series from the 1980s, you’d think they would have fallen into obscurity by now.

Hi Videogamejunkie! After all these years, I believe that Nightmare On Elm Street has so many fans because there is something in the films that really moved us. I don’t just mean special effects, blood or Freddy’s terrifying face. NOES is smart and respects its viewers. There are stories that are real…a what if scenario that takes us to a place of terror. The social connotations brought up in the films are brilliant. This series embraced current topics and played with them, took them seriously or made fun of. It got our goat. Thing is, the things we were afraid of then, we still are. So, Nightmare On Elm Street continues…

Bobby: I’m not sure if you know, but there have been many comic books based on the Nightmare series and characters. If you were asked, would you be willing to write a comic book continuation of the Alice character – in order to carry on her story in another medium?

Hi Bobby! Wow! I did not know! Neat! Where does one find these? For sure – carry on Alice in another medium!!!


Mickey_Beck: I see you just did Black Friday. What was it like working with such icons and cult icons of horror? I have to say this being a mark of this now. What was it like shooting Chastity Blade? Being over in Paris must have rocked. Do you believe they could comeback with doing a series maybe for Sci Fi or Online and if so would you comeback as Chastity? You have done a lot of TV series roles? Which one(s) would you call your favorite? Also being a fan of his, what was it like working with Richard Dean Anderson? I saw you were doing a horror series with Camden Toy. Is that still going? Also being a fan of the show, I was wondering what it was like working on General Hospital? I don’t know how many shows you worked on, but I hear they can take up a lot of time (to shoot). Was that true for you?

Hi Mickey Beck! Black Friday has not been filmed and don’t know when it will be! The Intruders has been shot, stars Steven Bauer. Shooting in Paris was thrilling – the Eiffle Tower, the Opera House, etc. Julien Magnet wrote The All New Adventures of Chastity Blade for his final director project at Le Femis film school in Paris. It was nominated for an Academy Award – best foreign student film – yes, there is such a catagory! – but not TV broadcast. The story of how it came to be and DVD available in November at lisawilcox.com.

Richard Dean Anderson is hot! Loved working on MacGyver… Mr. Belvedere (he gave me a Saint charm which I added to my charm bracelet), the drama on Valerie’s Family/Hogans Family, Star Trek Next Gen – ended up renting his fiance’s small house in Burbank, several years after doing the show…Brady Bunch MOW – I was the last to audition after many during the weeks – received a call from my agent driving home from the audition – “don’t know what you did, but you got the part.” Loved playing Grace on Walker Texas Ranger!!! Sweet and sad story. All about having fun, do your best and then go to the next. Camden Toy is just the best. Funny, clever, Super Smart, the memory of an elephant. We co-host together – We have great chemistry – Inside Horror pilot being shopped as we speak. General Hospital – How those regulars get their lines down after a 12 hour day and come to set word perfect each day is amazing. Yes, days are long, but you get the hang of it after awhile!

Screamerqueen: Lisa – where is your film short of Chastity Blade? I would love to see this! From what I heard, it has an interesting premise. Any way fans can order or view it? Thank you for your answer.

Dear Sreamerqueen! I am so glad you asked and thank others too that have asked about this project. I just adore this short film and very proud of it’s Academy Award Nomination. I apologize for not being diligent about getting it available. GOOD NEWS!!!
Chastity Blade will be available on DVD in November. eBay link will be on my website lisawilcox.com. Sleep Tight, Lisa.

Stunned1985: I really enjoyed your episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. What was it like to be on the show, especially during its popular years? Did you do any Star Trek conventions during that time?

Thank you Stunned1985! The thrill of being on Star Trek: The Next Generation is hard to describe. Just being on the set – oh my gosh!!! I mean this was STAR TREK. I so wish I had taken personal photos. A custom dress was made for me, the part of Yuta and the necklace too. A specific tatoo was air brushed on my face each day. Also, a custom forehead piece that was glued on. The show paid much attention to detail and specifics. Quality, Quality, Quality! A few years later, I ended up leasing a charming 2 bedroom house in Burbank, CA. This was Patrick Stewart’s fiance’s house. It all came about by accident – I was looking to rent a house during my divorce, found this darling house, called my real estate agent, she called the real estate agent for the house and there you are. Patrick and Wendy show up in their van, coming back from doing a convention in Anaheim. How fun to say, “Patrick?” he says “Lisa?” It really is a small world after all. I did a couple Star Trek conventions, Mostly in Las Vegas.
NEW NEWS: Star Trek at the Las Vegas Hilton is being closed, but new investors have come in and will be opening an all new exhibit, downtown Las Vegas. Will keep you posted at lisawilcox.com.

The Phantom Prowler: I remember when you did Star Trek: TNG and always wanted to ask, but have forgotten to every time we talked, but are you a Trekkie? If so, what do you think of the upcoming Star Trek redux from J.J. Abrams?

Good Evening Phantom Prowler! I was “Trekiestic” growing up – limited TV use – so I only caught an episode here and there. Star Trek was on late at night. I always thought Captain Kirk was so smart and sauve – and those beautiful Lady guest stars! So, there is my school girl report. The stories though are what kept me watching, like most of us! They were revolutionary. They had thought, discussion, calm and solutions. It is no wonder that Star Trek has lasted generations. Can’t wait to see the next Star Trek, via J.J. Abrams !!!

Snoopy_redbaron: Lisa, I saw your episode of “Murder, She Wrote” the other day. What was your experience like working with Angela Lansbury?

Hiya Snoopy_redbaron! My experience is that Angela Landsbury, is a lovely and classy lady. It was her birthday that week and there was a small party at the end of a shooting day. All of the cast and crew admired her so. Beautiful and thoughtful gifts were given. I remember an embroidered robe signed by everyone. I see her as an icon and was definitely a little nervous as we filmed over the week. Did you not love her in Bedknobs and Broomsticks, which she starred in? and the wonderful music – by the Sherman Brothers.

Thisisyourlife: You played Florence Henderson in the Brady Brunch: Final Days. How did your involvement with that project come about? To your knowledge, did Florence Henderson ever see it? If so, do you what she about your performance. Much Love!

Hello to you, Thisisyourlife! Well a funny thing…I auditioned for Florence Henderson – the CBS one of THE BRADY BUNCH. MOW. Believe Barry Williams was invloved with this one? I was not called back. Plus, all the actors in the audition waiting room thought I was auditioning for Marsha. A month or so later, I was called in by FOX to audition for the part of Florence/Carol Brady in Behind The Scenes, The Brady Bunch. I was given the wrong audition address (Santa Monica, not Burbank) and all was rescheduled. At the same time, I was doubtful about going forward with this at all because I had not even been called back for the CBS one. Well, 5pm, in Burbank and auditioned for the part at last. They asked me to say “Oh Mike” in Carol Brady form. It was a blast. 30 minutes later I received a call from my agent – I was still driving home after the audition. I got the part. AND, what total fun we had filming this MOW! This is just before 9/11. One of the cast members called from NY when 9/11 happened. Our USA world of Brady Bunch and innocence has changed considerably. I miss the old days. I don’t know if Florence Henderson ever saw it or if she liked Fox’s or CBS version better or no opinion. Ummm. you have raised my curiosity!

Paul: Can you tell us what your upcoming projects are (after Black Friday, of course)? Any plans for upcoming TV shows? ER is in its last season, I would love for you to have a guest role on that show!

Dear Paul! Well, Black Friday has not filmed yet and don’t know when. The Intruders, filming completed! Looking forward to the release. I am scheduled to do a movie, Savage, in North Carolina in November. A lovely supporting role. ER is a favorite of mine for sure! I worked with George Clooney in Bodies of Evidence – TV show he did just before ER, and what a success! Wow – so last season now. I’ll do my best to get on it!

Horror-s-o-s: Love your work! I saw your IMDB list and saw the film “The Intruders” listed. What is this about?

Hello horror-s-o-s ! Thank you so much! “The Intruders” starring Steven Bauer (of Scarface!) is a psychological thriller. I have a lead part… I will refrain from saying anymore, though I’d love to. Will let the powers that be take it from here. Will keep you posted via lisawilcox.com or here at the forum!

Nightimeshere: I have been trying to find a copy of “Gimme an F”. What do you remember from this film? You are one of my all time favorite actresses, ever since Nightmare 4. I hope to see you in many more films in the future.

Hi Nightimeshere! Ohhhh, thank you so much! I don’t have a copy either – They changed the name to something else, “The Big Cheer”….maybe can be found with that title? If you do, please let me know!!! I took a quarter off school (UCLA) to do this film. Not a big part but learned about the different shots needed for each scene – master shot, 2 shot, etc. Also learned about the “sharks” that like to take advantage of the green young ones. Beware my pretty!

M.S.K.: Lisa, I am huge Star Wars fan (and NOES fan), what was it like working with Mark Hamill on Watchers? Did you enjoy working on that project?

Hello M.S.K.! Ditto-HUGE fan of Star Wars too! oh my gosh! I was called back for the part and read with Mark, then was cast. But, I was so nervous the first day of filming! I kept forgetting my lines… It was the scene where we are taking groceries out of the car and settling into our place for the wait and shoot out. We had to do the scene a few times, my fault. Mark was totally cool, forgiving and sweet! Then we had a kissing scene later that week – can you imagine? But by this time I was more relaxed and working with him as an actor, not as a nervous wreck! Mark is a down to earth guy and the best of the best!

I love “Watchers” the book by Dean Koontz. I’m a big fan Dean Koontz period! Watchers was recommended by Howard Berger who did Freddy’s make up on NOES4 and more!!! I picked it up or maybe he gave me his copy? and I read it on the NOES4 set. Thank you Howard! So Cool to do the film “Watchers 4″/Watchers Reborn, several years later.

Jimmy T.: Lisa – I am one of your biggest fans! You wrote about “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures” a little already, but can you tell us any funny stories or inside news about your time on that show? I remember watching this… it was so fun! Thanks for this opportunity to ask these questions; hopefully I will get to speak with you in person at a convention some day.

Hello Jimmy T! It was fun!!! Don Lake is such a funny and wonderful actor and succesful at even more -must imdb him Smile
We had fun with the punch/black eye and frozen goods for his black eye. No, it was not a frozen bag of black eyed peas, but that would have been funny! It was wild and a challenge to re-create this ever famous movie. Everyone (audience) has their heart set on the characters played by the original actors. It is tough for the new actor and bound for criticism. The actor that played Ted in the FOX TV series, Christopher Kennedy, did such a great job! Especially to re-create Ted, Keanu Reeves! ? Hello!? I think he was spot on. Yes, hope to as well Jimmy T! Was fun to remember Bill and Ted. and they would say “Excellent” !!!

Thaddäus Tentakel: I’ve got another question: Can I get an original autograph of yours somewhere? I think there are some adresses, but I don’t know if the autographs are real. Maybe you can tell me where to write. I would love to have one with a dedication on it, but I would also be happy with a simple signing. Because of the high costs for a letter to America and especially the stamped addressed envelope I don’t want to send a letter somewhere I’ll never get an answer from. Greetings from Germany, Daniel

Greetings Daniel! If you go my official website, you can purchase an autographed picture – there is a selection. You may also send your personalized request/order to:

The Ward Agency
1617 El Centro Ave.
Suite 15
Hollywood, CA 90028

To be fair to all those that attend the conventions, the charge is $20.

Dear Nightmare On Elm Street forum:

Thank you all for being here! I had a dynamite experience answering your thoughtful questions. It was terrific to hear from all of you.

Please stay in touch through lisawilcox.com’s guest book page. Website is being re-done and new version will be live by the end of year, if not sooner.

Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!