Special Guest: Kelly Jo Minter

Posted on: September/25/2008 12:01 AM

Special Guest: Kelly Jo MinterKelly Jo Minter, star of A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, was our special guest in September 2008. Kelly Jo personally answered fan questions on the forum in which she covered a wide range of topics. See below for the archived threaded discussion.

Welcome to the official Kelly Jo Minter thread!

Fans know Kelly Jo Minter best from her portrayal of Yvonne in A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. She has also acted in other notable films like People under the Stairs, Mask, The Lost Boys and Summer School. Her TV credits include shows like ER, Martin, Zoey 101, Strong Medicine, and more. Click here to view her full filmography.

Ms. Minter will be taking some of her personal time to directly answer questions brought by you, the fans, here at the forum. As with any forum discussion, you will be able to respond to her answers, and if time allows, she will respond to any additional questions or comments. Fan questions below are highlighted in red and Kelly Jo’s responses are in white.

Please note: As with any open discussion, please be respectful in your questions and responses. Ms. Minter is here as a courtesy to fans, so please be mindful in your postings.


Parry: Can you tell us a little about your background? What made you want to become an actress in movies, etc?

One of my friends was a casting director (for Mask). I beat out 300 people and received a development deal for my own TV show. But I didn’t do it because I got bought out of my contract.

Christa: You kinda skip around genres in your work, like horror, comedy, drama, etc. Do you like one genre better than the others? Why?

I like to work. I took what was out there at the time. I was like the token “ethnic” person. I brought my own stuff to each part. I got to do a lot of work at the time that people of color weren’t doing.

GlenLantz: You have been in so many great iconic movies. What would you say was your favorite role you played?

I don’t have a favorite. “Popcorn” was shot in Jamaica so that was a nice place to shoot a horror movie. I haven’t had any bad experiences. Every role has been good.

Horror-is-cool: Can you share with us one of your most embarrassing audition experiences?

The most embarrassing was my audition for Nightmare 5. Wes was there and I was amped to go but when they called for me to read I was asleep on the couch outside the office. I was really sick and had taken some cold medicine that made me really groggy. They let me come back and read again, after I felt better.

Reallyweird405: Has your family been supportive of your acting career?

Absolutely. I couldn’t have done it without them. I have four kids and we’re kind of spontaneous. As long as everyone gets along, that’s all that matters. My husband is a director and is really supportive.

Brad D.: You seem to have focused on more TV projects, as opposed to films. Was this a conscious decision? Which do you prefer working on between the two mediums?

I just like to work. I like both of them. It was harder to do film when my kids were little because of the traveling involved.

Mikrueger74: What other Horror movie would you have liked to have starred in?

Alien–I would defiantly like Sigourney Weaver’s role.

Nan M.: This is so cool! I saw you on a TV show once, talking about drug addiction and substance abuse. Was this a problem you faced growing up? If so, how did you overcome it?

I’m the youngest of nine children. When you grow up in a large family you learn how to hustle, which made acting easy. I was a drug dealer growing up. I dealt coke, weed, and acid. My mom turned me in, which was good, because otherwise I wouldn’t be here. I was in a juvenile home for two years. My life has drastically changed. It’s just by the grace of God I’m not in jail or dead.

Sandra K.: “A Nightmare on Elm Street 5” was always one of my favorite horror movies. You portrayed such a strong character, who was also one of the few who survived the series. As an African-American actress, did you face any adversity when auditioning for roles? What about typecasting?

I actually beat white girls out for valley girl roles. I have a certain edge. I can act anything, but I put my own edge on it. It’s opening up a lot more for different ethnic groups. I’ve gotten, “You’re not black enough”, because I don’t have big lips. I am actually mixed, Black, Indian, and Spanish.

Amy: Thank you for taking time for us fans – we love you!!! I understand you now have a business where you design your own hand bags. Is this true, and if so, was this always a business you were looking at being successful in?

Everything I’ve done I haven’t been trained for. I’m not even a trained actress. I’ve always been interested in fashion. I started my own line of handbags called KJO. You can check it out on my MySpace page http://www.myspace.com/kjobags. They’ve been sold at Fred Segal, Henry Vandel (in New York), and other high-end boutiques.

Lucas: I noticed you have done a few horror type conventions before. Can you share any odd experiences you had with fans? Also, any plans for any upcoming shows?

A convention in New Jersey called “Chiller” from October 23rd -26th. The fans are so knowledgeable! They know the lines and everything. I love going to the conventions. Everyone is so diverse. It is a real sub-culture to me.

Deb: I’m so excited for this Q&A, thank you for doing this!!! You seem to work consistently, can you share what your upcoming projects are?

I’m working on a new movie ‘Little Trojans’. It’s about crazy parents and who put their kids through flag football. You don’t have to really create characters because they’re already there and their egos are big too. Like, “I wanted my son to play quarterback!!!!”, their crazy. I have some personal experience because my kids were in flag football.


The Phantom Prowler: KELLY, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? I MISS YOU! It’s great that you are doing this for the fans who love and respect you (like me)! What were some of your most fondest memories of Nightmare 5 and what did you take from playing Yvonne? Did you ever want to reprise the character?

I would like to go back to the role. The director and crew were great. It was a great experience. I like that I didn’t get die in it, too.

The Doctor: Can you tell us a funny story from ANOES 5?

It’s like “hurry up and wait” – a lotta time on our hands. We always did crazy things to one another. We had our little motor home things and we got to just chill and play pranks. From the PAs on up they were wonderful.

FreadHead: Prior to your role in Nightmare on Elm Street 5, had you seen any of the other Nightmare films? Which did you think was the best?

I hadn’t seen any of the films before I actually did the film. I wanted Yvonne to be naïve and be like “you’re crazy” when the other characters would talk about Freddy. The one I’m in is my favorite, what else? But I liked the first one too.

DreamRevolution: Nice to have you join the forums Miss Minter. During any part of the making of Nightmare 5, did you ever get to see what robert looked like without the make up on?


GlenLantz: First and foremost Happy Birthday and thank you for joining us! Could you please share with us a little bit of what it was like working with Robert Englund and how it feels to be one of the few characters who have had an encounter with Freddy and lived to tell about it? Where there any items or props that you kept from the set of Nightmare 5?

I didn’t want to hang out with him because I didn’t want to be familiar with him. I really did want to feel scared of him in the scenes we were in together. The time that I did spend with him I thought he was very nice. I’m sure I took a few things but I don’t know where they are now.

MOYD: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Mine is about what you thought of how they handled Yvonne’s character in the film. Prior to her seeing Freddy for herself, she was sometimes confrontational with Alice and later Mark on the subject; then was shown in a more positive light afterward. But since Nightmare 5 rushes fairly quickly to a conclusion after that switch occurs, some fans feel like we didn’t get to know that other side of Yvonne perhaps as much as we should have. Looking back, would you like for that change in her character to have happened earlier in the film or are you happy with the way it came off?

I agree with that. Was it really believable? They have to edit and take time into consideration but I would have liked it if they would’ve showed a softer side of Yvonne. Her attitude was like, “you must be trippin. I want to believe you but you must be on something.”

Jamie: The diving board scene in Nightmare 5 always scared me when I was a kid. How long did it take to film that scene? Were there any special effects involved when you had to film your part?

That wasn’t me. It was a stunt double named Sharon, I think. There were two boards I had to stand on and the camera moved in between my legs, but the stunt double actually did the dive. Probably for insurance reasons or something.

McDan: Wow, this is awesome…..thanks for taking the time to visit us. Are you an accomplished swimmer in real life, or was that mostly a stunt double? By and large, how have you been treated by Nightmare fans over the years?

See above. My fans are always genuine. I’m always glad to talk to them. I can defiantly swim; stunt double was only used for the dive.

Silveria: It has been rumored that Lisa Wilcox was difficult to work with on Nightmare 4. What was it like working with her on Nightmare 5?

We got along good. She is always really sweet. I heard similar things like that about her, but I’ve never had any problems with her.

F.C.K.: Hi thanks for taking the time to do this. Just wondered if you kept in touch with any of your Nightmare co stars and did any of you find it frustrating that your chapter in the Elm Street saga never really got a decent conclusion, in favour of the disappointing Freddy’s Dead. I would also be interested to know your feelings on the upcoming Nightmare remake. Thanks.

I saw Lisa a couple months ago. Rodney Eastman (‘Dead Man Can’t Dance’ is another movie I was in with him) a couple months ago. Not frustrated. They should do another one. They do a lot of character development. I thought it should be scarier and it moved really fast but I don’t want to be critical. The new generations of executives were raised on these horror movies. I think movies should just tell a good story not so many special effects. I really like Sling Blade; it’s well written and believable. They gotta have good story telling, that’s the key.

sincethenightmare: Kelly, I just want to start by saying I loved you in The Dream Child and The People under the Stairs. How did you get cast into the film, and who else was auditioning for your part? Did you ever try Freddy’s glove on while on the set?

Every chic in Hollywood, I met Wes and he’s kind of fun, with a quick wit, interesting and gentle – I’d love working with him again. Why not? It would have to be really well written. How did Freddy get to be Freddy? I would like to know the history of his character a little more. Billy Bob Thorton would be good, or someone unknown. I don’t want to see anyone XYZ do it. I want someone good to play Freddy, give it a new twist.

Mikrueger74: Have you ever had a Freddy Nightmare yourself? What was your favorite scene to film in Dream Child?

Only when I think something bad at night. I’m just aware of things around me; I’ve seen some bad things in real life. Freddy trying to drown me in the hot tub.


GlenLantz: What was your experience like working with “The Great” Wes Craven in “The people under the stairs”?

Interesting. You want to sit at his feet like “what’s the next story is he going to tell us?” He’s funny. Wes likes his actors and he doesn’t over direct us.

Freddyrules2k: People under the Stairs is a fav of mine. Can you share with us your experience on that movie? I know your character is in just a few scenes, but the character has a presence throughout. Thank you for your answer.

The woman VP was good to work with. There was no stress. It was like a family. The people who work behind the scenes are interesting too.

SoCoolBrewster: Is there anything interesting you don’t mind sharing regarding “Popcorn”? It’s a fun and forgotten little movie, and behind the scenes info is scarce. It’s sadly not likely to get the deluxe DVD treatment with commentaries and interviews, so I’m interested in any general info or your thoughts on the movie. One thing that I still find enjoyable about that movie is how close the cast comes off, how you all seem to be having so much fun. What was it like filming in Jamaica with an interesting group of people like the late and memorable Tom Villard, scream queen Jill Schoelen, and vets like Dee Wallace-Stone, Ray Walston, and Tony Roberts? Thanks for your time! I’ve been a longtime fan of yours. I’ve always liked the strong, don’t-mess-with-me edge and attitude you give your characters.

It was down in Jamaica and we went swimming and stayed in the best hotels. They replaced Jill a couple of weeks into the film so we had some down time. I don’t know why they replaced her. Those guys are incredible. They were great. They were accomplished actors who had a lot of interesting stories. It was a relaxing setting. I had a chance to work with really good people and it was amazing.

Isaac (aka summerschoolfan): One of my favorite films is “Summer School”; do you have any fond memories of that project?

That was like my 2nd movie. I still talk to Shawnee Smith. Courtney and I see each other from time to time. Karl Riener was a wealth of information. It was really like being in summer school. It was a blast!

The Doctor: I loved your work in “Summer School”. Do you still talk to any of the guys from the film?

Shawnee Smith, her and I have been in another film since then. Whenever we see each other, we hug each other and ask the other what we’ve been up to. It is always really cool. I am going to be at a convention with Taviono (the Italian girl).

Viktor: Greetings from Germany!!! Your driving scene in Summer School is hilarious. Was that scene fun to film? It looked like a really enjoyable movie to make – do you have a favorite scene?

The driving scene was funny. Mark Harman was like a big brother. We had a ball. I love the driving scene, “getting lapped by an old lady”.

Jacque: How did you become involved in “The Lost Boys”? Was that a fun movie to work on; can you share with us your favorite scenes?

I got cut out of the movie. My name is still in the opening credits though. I was kickin’ it in Santa Carla. All the guys were really cool to work with. The Coreys were out of control little kids.

Mickey_Beck: Thanks for doing this. You are a great actress. What was it like to work with Cher in Mask. Did you get to hang out on set? I saw some of your deletes seanes from Lost Boys and wish they would have kept them in. I feel like they would have added more depth into Max. Where were your feelings bout it? Also I know Joel wanted to do a Lost Girls movie so I know a lot of fans could have seen you as one of them. What was it like working in House Party with Kid and Play? How about Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell?

I was scared – Cher was so nice. One time she was like, “you wanna take a nap in my trailer?” I have a lot of respect for Sam Elliot and Cher. I even had a crush on Sam. I was almost surprised at how nice they were to me cause I was like the new kid in town but they treated me like an equal. I thought it was bad I got cut out but would’ve loved to be in lost girls. He was a great director I don’t know if Max would’ve been more in depth or not, I just read my lines. I see Tisha to this day. I knew Martin was going to be a big star. He was really nice. I didn’t have a good role but people always talk to me about those lines. “Your mama’s a bitch” is the fans fav I think. If I would’ve made a t-shirt with that on it I’d be rich right now. I really liked this film because it showed a particular ethnic group in a completely different light than what had previously been depicted. You know Kid and Play weren’t thug drug dealers or gang members shooting anybody.

Thanks, everyone! I appreciate all the time everyone has devoted to asking questions and watching my movies. I appreciate all the support. I really like to give my time to the fans and am happy I could help some of the fans get the questions they’ve had about my previous films answered.

Kelly Jo