Nightmare 3 “Chest of Souls” Sideshow Figure

Posted on: May/14/2006 7:35 AM

Sideshow Toys has released news about The Dream Warrior Freddy Krueger 12 inch figure:

The Dream Warrior Freddy Krueger will be Priority Pre-ordering first to Sideshow Newsletter members who will be attending the Comic-Con show (Attendees). This Priority Pre-Order for ATTENDEES will take place on THURSDAY MAY 18th 2006. If any items remain available for purchase after the newsletter member pre-ordering window, then these will be offered to non-newsletter members who are attending Comic-Con on the same day, May 18th 2006.

The Dream Warrior Freddy Krueger will also be available for those collectors not-attending the show (Non-Attendees) to purchase. This Priority Pre-Order for NON-ATTENDEES will take place on FRIDAY MAY 19th 2006. For detailed information, please see the Sideshow Toys website.