New Comic series begins in October, 2006.

Posted on: July/16/2006 8:22 AM

Just in time for Halloween, this October Wildstorm will go in a different direction for the publisher and try to haunt your nightmares as they bring back the iconic Freddy Krueger in a new comic book series based on the Nightmare on Elm Street films, right on the heels of a new DVD Special Edition.

October’s A Nightmare On Elm Street #1 is written by veteran Chuck Dixon, penciled by Kevin West, and features covers by Tony Harris, Jim Clark and JD Mettler (as seen here), along with an incentive variant by Tim Bradstreet. According to editor Ben Abernathy, the Wildstorm series will begin with a six-issue arc, composed of two smaller three-issue arcs.

“A new family has moved to Springwood, not aware of the Freddy menace…but they’re about to get schooled by the urban legend in a big way!” described Abernathy. “But the real question is – does a former Special Forces Ranger, trained in sleep deprivation and Zen techniques, stand a chance against the this evil master of dreams?”

“It’s an entry level story that’s serves to re-intro Freddy and the core premise of the series,” added Dixon, asked for his description of the series. “The initial story is very much a return to Freddy Krueger of the first movies. This guy is scary rather than a one-liner king. Freddy’s War deals with a dad who’s not going to take Kruger’s assaults lying down. Strike that, okay? He actually is lying down when he enters the nightmare world and challenges Freddy on his own turf with some shock and awe of his own.”

“I’m not a fan of the typical ‘masked guy chases naked teens through the woods’ slasher genre,” continued Dixon, asked if he has been a fan of Freddy Krueger or horror in general. “But I’ve always gotten a kick out of the Nightmare movies. I like the whole aspect of playing with reality and the tension that grows when the sleeping and waking worlds begin to merge. It’s a richer, more intelligent franchise and Freddy is a terrific adversary. His victims are also smarter and more resourceful so it’s more of a battle of wits than other stories of this stripe. I think I surprised Wildstorm with my enthusiasm when they offered this.”

“A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the most terrifying films ever made and Freddy Krueger is hands-down the most iconic horror film character ever,” concluded Abernathy. “Our mission with this series – to scare the pants of you!”

Look for more information on this new Wildstorm licensed series along with more details about Wildstorm’s horror plans during next week’s Comic-Con: International.

:: Taken from Newsarama, special thanks to Michael Fan for sending the link ::

Update: It’s been confirmed that Wildstorm will also be publishing a Friday The 13th series. Avatar Press has lost the license to the New Line House of Horror titles and the rumored Trade Paperback releases for each title is still unconfirmed.