Movie Hole on Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael

Posted on: August/9/2007 5:05 AM

News on the prequel front has been slow to nonexistent.  In order to keep the fires aflame though, Movie Hole published an article in March regarding Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael and the rumored prequel.  Nothing new to report, but it’s still an interesting read.  Special thanks to Corey for submitting this reference article. 

Carpenter in talks for Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael
Date: March 22, 2007     Posted By: Clint Morris
Robert Englund seems fairly confident that his wish to team alter-ego Freddy Krueger up with Michael Myers – the masked maniac of “Halloween” – is going to come true.
Englund tells MTV that John Carpenter, director of “Halloween”, is in talks with New Line to work out a way to do the oft-rumoured “Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael”.
Englund has been keen to bring Myers into the mix for a couple of years now – at one stage even suggesting “Halloween” heroine, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), be reincarnated (she was killed off in “Halloween Resurrection”) for one more bout with her regular adversary, Michael, as well as the two new rogues.
I find it hard to believe the movie could co-exist with the upcoming “Halloween” remake – unless they planned on using Rob Zombie’s version of ‘Michael Myers’, which – indicated by the fact that Carpenter is the one in talks – they’re not.
Englund also tells the site that John McNaughton is still attached to direct the “Elm Street” prequel – though there’s no word on when or whether that will happen.