Meet Cast and Crew from Never Sleep Again

Posted on: April/18/2010 8:48 PM

Dark Delicacies is hosting a DVD signing for Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy on May 1, with cast and crew from the upcoming documentary in attendance. Here is the guest list, as of April 10:

Daniel Farrands (Co-director/producer), Andrew Kasch (co-director/editor), Thommy Hutson (writer/producer), Heather Langenkamp (narrator/executive producer , Nancy Thompson in Dream Warriors), Buz Wallick (director of photography), Sean Schafer Hennessy (composer), Michael Granberry (main titles designer), Benni Pierce (editor), Lito Velasco (co-producer), Annette Slomka (line producer/assistant editor), Justin Cruise (sound design), Kim Williams (post production supervisor), Mike Mendez (assistant editor), Don Crandall (key grip), Jenna Busch (makeup artist). Elm Street films cast and crew: Tuesday Knight (Kristen Parker – The Dream Master), Kelly Jo Minter (Yvonne – The Dream Child), Ira Heiden (Will Stanton – Dream Warriors), Zack Ward (Bobby Davis – Freddy vs. Jason), Ken Sagoes (Kincaid – Dream Warriors), CJ Strawn (Production Designer – The Dream Child), Christopher Young (Composer – Freddy’s Revenge), Jacques Haitkin (Cinematographer – Freddy’s Revenge), John Skipp (Writer – The Dream Child), Mark Irwin (Cinematgrapher – New Nightmare), Mark Shostrom (Makeup – Dream Warriors), David J. Schow (Writer – Freddy’s Nightares), Roy Wagner (Cinematographer – Dream Warriors), J. Peter Robinson (Composer – New Nightmare), Erika Anderson (Greta Gibson – Dream Child), Renny Harlin (Director – Dream Master), Jennifer Rubin (Dream Warriors), Tobe Sexton (Teenage Freddy in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare), Kim Myers (Lisa in Nightmare 2), Miko Hughes (Dylan in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare), and Leslie Hoffman (Nightmare on Elm Street).

Dark Delicacies is located in Burbank, California. Click here for details and signing times.