Latest remake news from Brad Fuller

Posted on: December/27/2008 12:18 AM

Brad Fuller posted a small update on the Platinum Dunes blog regarding the status of the Nightmare remake:

On to ‘Elm Street’ – As many of you know we have been chasing that one for two years. We have been obsessed with Freddy and are so thrilled to be a part of bringing him back. We have been reading the boards to see what people are looking for and certainly taking that into account. The ‘Nightmare’ films are complex and conceptually very challenging. We don’t come to this movie ignorant of Freddy’s place in the horror pantheon. As such we will not make this film until New Line and we feel that story we are telling is worthy.

I just want to dispel a couple of rumors. Billy Bob Thornton, who has worked with Bay before and we all love, has not been discussed for the role of Freddy. But no one has because we don’t have the final version of the script yet. Once we do then we will start having casting discussions. Additionally, Robert Englund is an amazing actor and it is our hope that he will be in the film, but again, we can’t consider that until we have a completed script.

I wish you all happy holidays and will write when I have additional news.

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