“I Am Nancy” Official Forum Is Open!

Posted on: August/8/2011 4:36 AM

I am pleased to announce that Nightmare on Elm Street Films will be hosting the official forum for Heather Langenkamp’s documentary, I Am Nancy. Click here to join the forum and view the discussions already taking place.

I AM NANCYI Am Nancy is Langenkamp’s second foray into the documentary world after executive producing the award winning Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy. But this time, the focus is on Langenkamp herself and her unique experience playing Nancy Thompson, Wes Craven’s legendary teen heroine. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, she asks the burning question: Why “Freddymania” and not “Nancymania?” After personally experiencing the craze of “Freddy Krueger” marketing, the rise of horror convention fandom and the phenomenon of nine Nightmare on Elm Street films, Langenkamp reflects on the relevance of heroes in this modern age of monster lovers.

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Special thanks to Diandra (NancyThompson1428), Arlene Marechal, and Heather Langenkamp.