Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare — Adaptation Excerpts

Posted on: September/1/1992 12:01 AM

Adapted by Bob Italia
Transcribed by Rob Nimmo


Maggie descended the steps to the basement of the shelter and stood before a room with an iron gate door. A dark, cluttered expanse sat brooding before her. Doc and Tracy followed her down. “He’s probably not even here,” Doc said. “I’ll feel better after we check it out,” Maggie said. She unlocked the gate and entered the room. It was lined with shelves filled with weapons confiscated from the shelter teens. “I can’t believe what we take off these kids,” Doc said. “The cops were supposed to pick all this up.” “Be glad they didn’t,” Maggie said. “We’re going to need to hit him with something.” “You really think he’s in here?” Tracy said. “He’s here,” Maggie said. “I can feel it.”

Maggie grabbed a bat and moved through the basement. She could hear breathing, and followed the sound around some crates. Fred was there, slumped against some boxes. “You’re really here,” Maggie said, hiding the bat behind her. “And you’re just a man.” “But it’s not my fault,” Fred said feebly. “You saw what they did to me…when I was a kid. I loved you…and your mother. I tried to be good.” “I know, daddy.” Fred smiled as he slowly rose. “I knew you’ld believe me. Come to daddy.”

Just then, Fred raised his deadly glove and prepared to strike. But Maggie was ready. She gripped the bat tight and swung it at his hand, knocking the glove into the air. Maggie rushed to scoop up the glove. She whirled around, but Fred was gone. “Maggie!” Doc called out. “Over here!” Maggie shouted. “I’m okay!” Maggie met Tracy and Doc at the gate. They looked concerned. “He’s in there,” Maggie said. “He’s hurt, but dangerous.” Maggie stepped through the gate. But before Tracy and Doc could follow, hideous Freddy rushed past Maggie and slammed the gate shut. Instantly, Tracy tried to open the lock. “Where are the keys?” Doc shouted. “I don’t know!” Tracy cried. “The lock’s rusted!” Outside the room, Freddy backed away from Freddy. “Give daddy back his glove, princess,” Freddy said. Maggie remained silent, continuing her slow retreat. Suddenly, Tracy’s eyes brightened and she ran off. “Where are you going?” Doc called out. Tracy frantically searched the stack of shelves. Finding what she was looking for, Tracy rushed back to the gate. “They took you away from me,” Freddy said to Maggie, “but we can be together. I can fix it so you can live forever.” “Like you?” Maggie said with hate. “Better than me. I’ll show you how.” Freddy lunged for the glove. Maggie hit him hard with it, stunning him. “Like you showed my mother?” She hit him again. “And Carlos?” She hit him again. “And Spencer?” Freddy blocked her last punch and shoved her toward the rear of the basement. Then he approached her. “You need a good spanking.”

“Maggie!” Tracy suddenly cried.

Maggie turned to Tracy and saw her lighting a pipe bomb—the bomb that Kelly had confiscated from Spencer. Tracy tossed the bomb to her. Maggie stuck the bomb in the glove and turned around just in time to see Freddy coming in for the kill. Maggie reached out and plunged the glove with the bomb deep into Freddy’s chest. He screamed in agony, then fell to the floor. “Happy Father’s Day,” Maggie said. She dug into her pockets and found the keys to the gate. She let Tracy and Doc out and they charged up the stairs. Lying on the floor, Freddy tried to pull the glove out. But he knew it was too late. “Kids,” he grumbled, slowly shaking his head. Freddy blew up into hundreds of charred pieces. Three small demons appeared from the blast and swirled around before disappearing. Up in the shelter hallway, Kelly and the teens emerged and looked around in confusion. “What’s going on?” Kelly said. Tracy shrugged innocently. “Sounds like a boiler blew in the basement,” Doc said. Kelly raced for the steps. The teens followed. Then Doc looked at Maggie. “Freddy’s dead,” Maggie said.

Chapter 7