Freddy Wins Yahoo!’s 2010 Slasher Showdown

Posted on: October/31/2010 4:34 AM

Happy Halloween! Yahoo! named Freddy Krueger the winner of their 2010 Slasher Showdown. Here’s what they say:

Yahoo! Slasher ShowdownWell the day has come to pick our winner. We’ve had a really fun time running through all of the evidence against each killer contestant as well as reading through all of the side debates from all of you. But despite how awesome all three may be, we’ve set out to choose the best one.

So without further ado, the winner of this year’s Slasher Showdown is none other than your friendly Elm Street neighbor — Freddy Krueger. It was never a clear win for him, but after 4 days of running through the various accomplishments of each of our slashers, we felt that Freddy was most deserving of the gold. Don’t fret Jason fans, we’ve chosen the masked horror icon as our runner up. Check out the recap of this week’s showdown and make sure to let us know who you would have chosen.