Freddy Krueger Interactive Desktop

Posted on: September/21/1999 12:01 AM

Defunct software company Togglethis designed interactive “Freddy” desktops in conjunction with New Line Home Video’s Nightmare on Elm Street DVD boxset release. Each interactive desktop alters icons and other elements to reflect a nightmarish environment in which Freddy Krueger plays tricks on your computer’s processes.

Togglethis designed these interactive desktops so they are compatible with Windows 95, 98, 98SE, Me, and 2000. A patch is available to make them work on Windows XP environments but installation on other operating systems is at your own risk.

Download Instructions

Freddy Krueger Interactive Desktop
1. Download and save the 1st desktop file below. You will need WINZIP to “unzip” this program.
2. After the file is unzipped, select INSTALL.
3. The program will then install on your computer. After the install is complete, you should have an icon on your desktop.
4. Double click on the icon and you’re ready for Freddy.

Note: Download the 2nd desktop to continue the horror!

Windows XP Patch

It’s possible you may receive the following error when trying to install this interactive desktop on a computer running the Windows XP operating system:

“[Name of File Path (e.g, C:/My Documents/setup.exe)] could not be completed because of AutoExec.NT. Windows can not read Ms-Dos or Windows apps.”

If you receive the above error, download the xp_fix.exe file below. Choose to install the program. After it has finished installing, run the program by clicking on Run. The interactive Freddy desktop should work like a charm now. See the install “read me” and user agreement files below for additional information.

Please note these interactive desktops were designed for older Windows operating systems. Download and install at your own risk!

Freddy Krueger Interactive Desktop