Freddy Fan Showcase: Ant O’Donnell

Posted on: June/5/2019 11:14 PM

Long time Nightmare on Elm Street fan and tattoo artist Ant O’Donnell crafted and submitted photos of his Elm Street-inspired character displays he fashioned for his collection of NECA horror figures. Featured on other horror websites like Bloody-Disgusting and receiving attention from NECA has been a perk for this self-identified horror fan since childhood.

“I am definitely a horror fan and find Freddy to be the most interesting and intelligently created character in film,” stated O’Donnell as to why his displays have an Elm Street bent. “I think the whole concept from the legendary Wes Craven was a genuine act of utter genius.” Materials to create these intricate displays range but are relatively inexpensive given their craftmanship. “I will say that [the materials are] nothing you can’t pick up on Amazon, eBay or Home Depot,” explained O’Donnell. “These builds end up costing around £50 and take two to three months to complete. In all honesty, the more expensive elements are the actual figures themselves!”

The first featured display is a façade featuring the deteriorated and “haunted” iteration of 1428 Elm Street, along with Freddy Krueger’s killer glove adorning the piece from above. Turning it around gives way to specialized rooms showcasing our favorite horror villains at work including the Cenobites, Freddy, Jason Voorhees, and Leatherface, while Chucky and Ghostface stalk its halls!

The second display is an upscaled coffee table detailed in a theme of Freddy’s boiler room, presenting a variety of scenes in red LED lighting.

“I am split as to my favorite figures,” elaborated O’Donnell. “If I have to pick a Freddy, I would have to say NECA’s Ultimate A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge figure. Each of the head sculpts make him look angry and more scary than those where he’s smiling. I do like the humor element of Freddy’s character—that’s a huge part of why he’s the main man—but I preferred how he pulled humor off up to Dream Warriors, as he was still scary rather than the Bugs Bunny-type in Freddy’s Dead.”

With these creations under his belt, O’Donnell has more on the way. “I definitely have plans including a silicone Freddy Krueger mask, a mashup between the Cenobites and one of my Freddy figures holding the Lament Configuration puzzle box from the Hellraiser films, a mashup of the cabin from Evil Dead with a Jason Voorhees element, and quite possibly another Freddy,” O’Donnell confirmed. “I also have always wanted to build a scene of the Taryn vs. Freddy fight from Dream Warriors and think that one would look cool.”

Check out O’Donnell’s HexFire Studios Sci-fi Horror Creations on Facebook for updates on his latest projects!