Fango reports on the rumored prequel.

Posted on: October/2/2006 2:28 AM

From Fangoria: Director John (HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER) McNaughton’s name has been attached to a NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET prequel for quite some time now (we first reported on it here), but no news has been heard about the project for months. So Fango asked McNaughton (whose MASTERS OF HORROR entry HAECKEL’S TALE, pictured, hits DVD November 14 from Anchor Bay) what was up. “Well, [New Line and I] talked about it, and I’m still waiting to hear back from them,” he says. “They approached me because of HENRY, since they want to make a serious film about Freddy Krueger and his early days as a school janitor. Freddy’s just a living person at that point, and this would seem more like a real story. It wouldn’t be supernatural, and it will recount the days when he used to kidnap young girls—and actually also boys—to rape and murder them.”

While both McNaughton and New Line seem to have a pretty good idea of what they want from the film, a script still has yet to be written. “This process obviously takes a long time and there’s no actual screenplay yet, just an idea of what the movie should be about. Let’s say I haven’t recieved the check yet,” the director laughs. “However, I do have a writer in mind whom I would like to write the new NIGHTMARE: His name is R.J. Tsarov, and he wrote the stage play I just directed. He’s a true talent and has a very original vision.”