Exciting News: Like Freddy from the Ashes, the Nightmare on Elm Street Forum Lives Again!

Posted on: May/25/2020 6:35 PM

In June 2019, the forum at this website suffered a catastrophic crash of its database which you can read about more here. Fan discussions since the original forum’s inception in 2004 were tragically lost with backups corrupted due to the various forum changes and upgrades throughout the many years. Afterward, a poll was conducted asking if a new forum should be created.

The result: 95% of those who voted were in support of a new website forum!

Your voices were strongly heard and, after the testing of various options, a new forum has been created for all fans of the Nightmare on Elm Street series here at the Nightmare on Elm Street Companion.

Hopefully, this new iteration of the forum will be welcomed into fans’ hearts as the original was and proves to be just as successful.

Without further ado, you may access the new forum by clicking here!

If you were a member of the original forum, you will need to reregister accordingly. Simply click on Register to get started. New to the forum? No problem. Click Register to get started as well.

Thank you to all the fans who have shown their support during this downtime. With the many crazy events going on in our world right now, there is sure to be a lot to discuss.