Celebrity Profile: Robert Englund

Posted on: September/1/1991 12:01 AM

Published in Nintendo Power, Volume 30.

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare is currently ripping up movie screens nationwide. We tracked down the film’s star, Robert Englund (a.k.a. “Freddy Krueger”), an avid Nintendo game fan, to talk to him about the film and the last movie appearance of his dreamstalking character. “While I’ve enjoyed developing Freddy’s character to icon status,” says Robert, “I think it’s time for me to move on. I am extremely pleased that so much effort has gone into the ‘Final Nightmare.'”

While Robert has enjoyed portraying Freddy in all six Nightmare films and is happy about the character’s popularity, he’s quick to point out that Freddy Krueger shouldn’t be considered a role model. “I don’t see Freddy as a hero to anyone, and I don’t think anybody wants to grow up to be that ugly evil ol’ cus.”

Yet, Robert still claims to play Nintendo games with the ferocity of the famous fiend who stalks the teenagers of Springwood in their dreams. “I’m really proud of the new retractable blades I’ve designed on my Power Glove,” he says with a Freddy-like sneer. “Now, I’m more agile when I play.” If Robert (as Freddy) were to design a game he says that it would feature “Freddy Krueger destroying Jason Voorhees (of Friday the 13th fame) and that wimp Michael Myers (from the Halloween series). I’d call it ‘Nightmare on Friday the 13th, Halloween Night.'” Robert goes on to say, with full Freddy flair, that his favorite games are “the ones where Fred Krueger decapitates the Mario Bros.” There are, of course, no such games in existence, but he can dream can’t he?

Now that Robert has bid goodbye to Freddy Krueger, he’ll be appearing in a television pilot called Nightmare Café, which is being co-produced by Nightmare creator Wes Craven. He has also spent some time on the other side of the lens, directing his first feature film, 976-EVIL.

Even with busy filming schedules, Robert still plans to make time for surfing, traveling, reading, and playing video games. His advice for game playing fans of Freddy is “always wear a Power Glove.”

Freddy’s Favorite Horror Films:

  • The Innocents
  • Sisters
  • Rosemary’s Baby
  • White of the Eye
  • The Hitcher