A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child — Adaptation Excerpts

Posted on: September/1/1992 12:01 AM

Adapted by Bob Italia
Transcribed by Rob Nimmo


One bright, sunny day in the park, Alice reached into the baby carriage and lifted her crying infant son. She tenderly cradled the baby as Yvonne drew close. “You do good work, Alice,” Yvonne said with a smile. “So did Dan.” They moved toward a picnic table. Alice gently rocked her son who finally quieted down. “He sure loves to stay awake,” Yvonne said. “That’s okay,” Alice replied. “He’s got the rest of his life to catch up on his sleep.” The baby closed his eyes, safely ensconced in his mother’s arms. He drifted off to sleep. “Sweet dreams, Jacob Daniel,” Alice said softly.

Chapter 7