A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child — Adaptation Excerpts

Posted on: September/1/1992 12:01 AM

Adapted by Bob Italia
Transcribed by Rob Nimmo


Later that day, Alice hurried down a deserted corridor in the hospital as Yvonne rushed to keep up beside her. “You had me scared on the phone,” Yvonne said. “What’s wrong with the baby?” “I think Krueger’s trying to do something to him,” Alice replied. Dismayed, Yvonne pulled Alice to a halt. “Oh, Alice…no. Honey, I love you but you’re going to have to get a hold of yourself.” “Mark knows I’m not crazy,” Alice said. “Ask him.” She started off. “I really think you need to calm down now, okay?” Yvonne said. Alice ignored her. “I just can’t figure out how he’s getting in when I’m awake.” Suddenly, a thought struck her. She turned to Yvonne. “Do unborn babies dream?” Yvonne hesitated. “Yeah…they do. But do both of us a favor, don’t mention any of this to Dr. Moore.” Alice and Yvonne entered Dr. Moore’s office. There, Alice requested an ultra-sound examination. Moore reluctantly agreed. Then she asked him if unborn babies could dream. He looked irritated. “Developing fetuses can spend up to seventy percent of their day in what we call a dream state,” he said. “More, as they mature.” “Would I be able to sense them?” Alice said. Dr. Moore frowned. “Is that why you’re here? To see if your baby’s having nightmares?” “We’re here to find out everything we can, aren’t we?” “Frankly, I’ve found nothing about you that would indicate the necessity of an ultra-sound at this stage of your pregnancy.” “I just want to make sure my baby’s all right.”

Dr. Moore took the ultra-sound device and ran it over Alice’s belly. The screen came on with a blip. A barely distinguishable black and white image appeared. “The heart seems strong. Let’s hear it.” He flicked a switch. A steady rhythmic beat sounded from the speaker above the monitor. Alice watched the screen with fascination. Suddenly, the picture began to shift and distort with electric spasms. Alice turned apprehensively to Yvonne and Dr. Moore. They were oblivious to the danger. Just then, the wall behind Alice began rippling. A gaping hole appeared, and Alice was sucked through the opening. She flew through the darkness until she came a glowing light. It was an unborn baby, floating in the darkness. Alice approached the baby. She was fascinated, enchanted. But then she saw something beyond the baby, lurking in the darkness. It was Freddy Krueger. He was smiling at her. “See a family resemblance?” he said, laughing horribly.

Suddenly, the baby’s face transformed into a mask of fear and pain. Its eyes began fluttering. Freddy grimaced in anger, realizing the baby was about to awaken. “Don’t touch him!” Alice roared. The baby turned toward Alice as it neared consciousness. Its eyes opened, momentarily staring in wonder. Then its eyes widened in terror. Alice looked around in panic. “What’s he doing to my baby!” she cried. Dr. Moore removed the testing device. “Your baby is perfectly healthy. A little large for so early on, but as normal as any I’ve seen.” Alice stared at Yvonne. “He’s taking their souls, their spirits, to make the baby like him!” Yvonne cringed. “Come on, sweetie. I’ll take you home. You’ll feel better after you get some real sleep.” Yvonne guided Alice from the room as Dr. Moore checked something in Alice’s file. Then he picked up the telephone and dialed a number.

Later that day, Alice entered her bedroom carrying two mugs of coffee. Yvonne followed, a look of deep concern on her face. “I could sense Dan’s spirit—Greta’s too!” Alice said frantically. “Krueger killed them, and now he’s feeding them to Jacob!” “Alice,” Yvonne said, taking a cup and settling down. “Alice, I want you to stop and listen to yourself. Do you know how you sound?” Alice nodded. “Completely insane. But I’m not. And if you’re my friend you’ll try to believe me a little.” “I am your friend, and I’m worried sick about you. But you’re like a locked safe. You’ve gotta start dealing with reality.” “Krueger is reality.” “And so is your baby. You’ve got more than just yourself to think of now!” “What do you think I’m doing?” Alice said angrily. “Look, whether you believe it or not, Krueger is back. He’s after my baby and if I don’t try to do something about it, who will? You don’t just run away from this guy. He finds you in your dreams!”

Suddenly, the door flew open. Mark entered, carrying a folder stuffed with photocopied newspaper clippings. “He sure found a few others before us,” he said ominously. Yvonne looked at Mark in frustration. “You too?” “He invited me to his house last night,” Mark said. Yvonne shook her head. “Look, we’re all tired. None of us has had any sleep since Friday night.” “That’s the only reason you’re still alive,” Alice stated. “No it’s not!” Yvonne shouted. Then she turned for the door. Mark shoved the folder toward her. “Yvonne, look through this stuff, will ya? She’s not crazy!” Yvonne knocked the folder from Mark’s hand, scattering the contents. Then she stormed out, slamming the door behind her. Mark glanced at Alice. “You okay?” Alice nodded. They started picking up the clippings. “I found out how Krueger’s been doing it while I’m awake,” she said. “He’s using Jacob’s dreams. We’ve got to stop him.” Mark looked at her. “You know there is…one way. Have you thought about not having the baby? I mean, no baby, no baby’s dreams.” Alice shook her head. “I couldn’t do that, Mark. He’s my last link with Dan. No, I want him.” Mark nodded and smiled. “Then we’ll find another way.” Alice continued picking up the clippings. Then she saw one bearing the photograph of Amanda Krueger. She picked it up and looked at it. “I’ve seen her.”

Later that day at Springwood High, Yvonne lowered herself into the swirling water of the training room whirlpool. She sank up to her neck and let out a heavy sigh, grateful for the solitary time. Her eyelids grew heavy, but then she quickly opened them. Moments later, she got out and headed for the pool. Yvonne climbed the high dive, then walked out on the board. The pool water shimmered thirty feet below. Suddenly, the board began trembling. Yvonne fought to keep her balance, reaching for the rail. But the rail came off in her hands. Just then, the board began to crack into four pieces. Instantly the pieces turned into four steel claws. The claws rolled up and moved toward Yvonne. Terrified, she stepped back. But then a jagged thumb formed at the rear of the board and rolled toward Yvonne, trapping her. Now she was in the palm of Freddy’s hand! The claws rolled up higher, about to close on her. Yvonne had only a second to act. She leaped from the claw and tumbled down. She moved into a diving position as she neared the water surface. But then she screamed in horror as she saw that the pool was empty except for a small puddle in the center. Yvonne hit the puddle—and kept going right through the concrete! Yvonne broke through the void in a crash of shattering glass and into a small room with rusted and decaying lockers. The entire floor churned like a whirlpool. Yvonne plunged through the surface—and disappeared.

Now in Mark’s bedroom, Alice continued studying the photograph of Amanda Krueger. Amanda was frozen in time, staring from her nun’s habit, eyes filled with infinite sadness and despair. She was standing on the grounds of the asylum, its tower looming behind her. “They think I’m nuts,” Alice said to Mark. “That’s their problem,” Mark replied as he scanned a newspaper clipping. “No, it’s our problem, Mark. If I don’t deal with this, they really might try to take Jacob.” She looked at Amanda’s photo. “You said she committed suicide?” “That’s what the newspapers thought. She spent the rest of her life in the asylum. After Krueger’s trial, she flipped out and hung herself…so they thought.” “Meaning?” Mark shook his head. “They couldn’t prove it. No body! Nuns bumping themselves off is bad for business.” “But I’ve seen her grave,” Alice said. “Empty plot. Memorial stone. Vacant. They never did put her under. Cool, huh?” He handed her the clipping. Alice read the obituary headline: A VICTIM OF THE EVIL WITHIN US ALL…SPECIAL TOMBSTONE TO MEMORIALIZE NUN. “Poor woman,” Alice said. Then she looked at Mark. “In the dream, she was trying to stop him. She started to tell me how, then the door slammed. He must have done it.”

Alice returned her gaze to the photograph. She stared at the gloomy asylum tower behind Amanda Krueger. “There’s no other way.” She put the photograph down. “I want you to stay awake and watch me, okay?” “No problem. What are you going to do?” Alice hesitated, staring at Mark’s bed. “I’m going to find out how to deal with this guy once and for all.” She approached the bed and laid down. Then she closed her eyes, thinking of Amanda Krueger.

Alice found herself in a long, arched, Gothic corridor of the asylum, lit by pools of light. At the far end, she could see a staircase leading up into the shadows. “Amanda!” she cried. “I need to talk to you!” She rushed for the stairs and gazed upward. The doorway at the top was walled up with bricks. Alice climbed the stairs and pressed her hands to the wall. “Found you,” she murmured. “Where you going, piglet?” an evil, raspy voice called out from behind. Alice whirled around to face Freddy. “The party’s just starting!” he said.

Suddenly, the staircase tilted on its side. Alice rolled along the wall until she fell through a rusted doorway. Then she crashed into the bubbling ancient locker room. Freddy slowly rose from the swirling water until he stood on the surface, grinning smugly. Then he plunged his arm beneath the surface and yanked Yvonne up by the arm. She sputtered and choked, gasping for air. Freddy laughed. “Look what I found!” “Let her go!” Alice roared. Freddy cackled and began dunking Yvonne. “Going once, going twice!” Alice circled Freddy until she was opposite Yvonne. “I’m the A, the L, the I-C-E,” Alice said, beginning the familiar rap routine. Yvonne’s eyes swiveled to Alice in recognition. Alice grabbed a pool instrument, keeping her eyes on Freddy. “We’re three together…and that’s the way it’s gonna be!” Alice struck Freddy across the stomach while Yvonne sprung away from him. Freddy staggered and fell, disappearing into the swirling water. Alice and Yvonne ran back into the asylum and slammed the door. Then Alice threw her arms around Yvonne. “Are you all right?” Yvonne nodded. “Yeah. So that’s him. And you’re not crazy.” They shared a weary, rueful smile. “We’ve got to find Amanda,” Alice said. “She’s the key.”

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