A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors — Adaptation Excerpts

Posted on: September/1/1992 12:01 AM

Adapted by Bob Italia
Transcribed by Rob Nimmo


The seasons had changed. A blanket of freshly fallen snow covered Gordon’s house. Inside, Gordon and Kristen finished their dinner. Kristen’s hair was shorter. Gordon looked thinner, a little weary. “I’m glad things have worked out for you,” Gordon said. “I think New York was just what I needed,” Kristen said. “So many people. I never feel alone.” Gordon smiled. “So what will you do now?” “I don’t know. I’m busy with school. New friends. But I’ll never forget the old ones.” Gordon escorted Kristen to the door. “It was great seeing you again,” he said. “I’m glad you dropped by.”

Kristen hesitated. “Do you still…see each other?” “Yes,” Gordon replied with a strange little smile. “I’m going to see her tonight. I guess that’s why I’m so anxious to get to sleep.” Kristen smiled and nodded. “Will you say hi?” Gordon grinned. “Good night, Kristen.” Gordon closed the door and turned out the light. Then he trudged slowly upstairs and got ready for bed. It did not take him long to drift into a peaceful sleep. The paper mache model of the Elm Street House sat on his bureau. It was different now—clean, pure and inviting.

Suddenly, in one of its tiny window, a light came on. And he was there with her.

Chapter 7