A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge — Adaptation Excerpts

Posted on: September/1/1992 12:01 AM

Adapted by Bob Italia
Transcribed by Rob Nimmo


Lisa hopped in Jesse’s car. She flicked the toggle and pushed the starter button. Nothing. Then she remembered the two wires under the dash and twisted them together. She pushed the start button again. The starter groaned. “Please work,” she said frantically. The car backfired and started. She threw the car into gear and pulled away from the curb. Squinting in the darkness, Lisa drove wildly, trying to hold the road. When she arrived at the old powerhouse, she pulled up to the building and shut off the engine. Then she climbed out of the car and rushed to the entrance of the building. The entrance was guarded by a pair of mangy wild dogs with eerie, unnatural faces. They growled threateningly as she approached. Showing no sign of fear, Lisa stepped to the entrance. The dogs snapped at her hands, but she didn’t pull them out of the way. The dogs parted, allowing her to pass through. Lisa walked in cautiously. The powerhouse looked much different than it did in the daylight. Steam leaked from between rusty rivets and torn gaskets. She could hear the pounding of ancient expansion tanks belching out rancid air. The interior was bathed in an electric blue light that intermittently washed pale as hot white arcs flashed in distant corners.

Lisa walked in deeper, carelessly touching a large steam pipe. She retracted her hand quickly from it’s blistering sting. Lisa began climbing the rusted metal stairway up to the catwalk. Then she was overcome by the sound of scraping metal. Frightened, she stopped and looked around. Then she stepped onto the catwalk. The catwalk seemed to give way. Lisa plummeted as if she were dropped through a trap door. Her arms flailed over her head, but her hand managed to grab a handrail. Lisa pulled herself up and turned around. Freddy stood before her. “Had your chance,” he said, raising his talons. Lisa screamed and ran back toward the stairway. The stairway was red hot and smoking. Freddy chased after her. “Come to me, Lisa—I’m waiting for you!” Lisa stopped short of the stairway and looked around desperately. But there was no escape. She turned to face Freddy. “Oh, Jesse, I know you’re there! Stop him!” “Jesse’s dead, Lisa. Freddy’s here!” “I want him back,” Lisa said bravely. “Jesse, talk to me!” Freddy stared at her, talons frozen in mid-air. The horrible hand quivered, as if against an unseen force. Lisa broke past him and started running. But then she stopped and whirled around. Freddy was leaning weakly against the railing, an expression of confusion on his face. No longer afraid, Lisa became angry. Freddy beckoned her with the knife on his index finger. “Come and get me, Lisa,” Jesse’s voice said.

Lisa stepped toward Freddy. “I’m not afraid of you. You couldn’t kill Angela. You couldn’t kill me. He’s in there and I want him back. I’m gonna take him away from you and you’re going back where you belong!” “Jesse’s dead!” Freddy insisted. Lisa moved even closer and locked her eyes on his. “Come back to me, Jesse. I love you, Jesse. Come back to me.” Freddy seemed in great pain. He dropped to one knee. Lisa moved closer. He tried to move away. “He can’t hold you, Jesse. He’s losing his grip. You can get out.” “He’ll die with me,” Freddy said. Lisa knelt beside Freddy. She took off his hat and began stroking his head. He writhed and moaned in fright. Then she gathered all her nerve and moved closer. Freddy lifted his deadly hand and pressed it to her chest. She flinched in pain but continued to press closer. He moved his blades onto her back, trying to push them into her flesh. But he was too weak. Locked in a strange embrace, Lisa kissed Freddy. There was a moment of silence, then smoke began rising off Freddy. He pushed her away with an excruciating scream. The sound of pounding machinery became deafening. The electric flashes fired more rapidly and arced across the power plant. The room rapidly heated up. Small fires began breaking out on the catwalk around Freddy. Steam shot up from every pipe joint. Surrounded by flames and smoke, Lisa watched it all with fear and amazement. Then Freddy burst into flames. The power plant went insane. The steam, smoke and flames all reached their peak. Pipes burst with steam. Valves spun wildly and flew off. And then everything began dying down. The flames on Freddy’s body disappeared. The deafening noises vanished. And the terrible heat had turned into a cool blue light.

Suddenly, the smoldering corpse began to stir. Lisa backed away, terrified. Then the corpse turned to her. It was Jesse. His clothes were smoldering, his body was singed and blackened with soot. But he was alive—and coming around. Lisa rushed to him and cradled him in her arms. The nightmare was finally over.

Chapter 6