A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge — Adaptation Excerpts

Posted on: September/1/1992 12:01 AM

Adapted by Bob Italia
Transcribed by Rob Nimmo


The next night, Jesse went to Lisa’s pool party. The entire pool area had been decorated lavishly. Japanese lanterns were strung above the fence that rimmed the back yard. A long table on the patio was covered with festively arranged salads and condiments. The bright underwater lights made the blue water shimmer crystal clear. And a Benny Goodman dance tune was blaring through some outdoor speakers. Scores of girls and boys scampered around, eating, swimming, and flirting with each other. Mr. Poletti stood over a gas grill, wearing a “Kiss the Cook” chef’s hat and apron, cooking up a mess of hamburgers and hot dogs. Lisa and Mrs. Poletti stepped from the house carrying more plates of food. Lisa saw Jesse sitting in a lounger, alone. He looked worried and detached. Mrs. Poletti stared at Lisa for a moment, then took the plates and set them on a table. Then she approached Mr. Poletti and began pulling him away from the grill. He finally relented and turned his spatula, hat, and apron over to one of Lisa’s guests. Then Mrs. Poletti escorted him into the house. “We’re going to bed now,” she said to Lisa.
“Thanks, Mom,” Lisa replied.
“Twelve-thirty, Miss,” Mr. Poletti said to his daughter. “No later.”
Lisa nodded. “I promise.” Then she approached Jesse. “Can we talk?” she said.
Jesse reluctantly got up from the chair and led Lisa into a cabana. They sat on a wide wooden bench along the wall.
“I think I’d better go,” Jesse said. “I’m just not into it tonight. I’m sorry.”
“Why won’t you talk to me?”
“Will you leave me alone? Please.”
“You’re not being fair to me. I’m worried about you and I want to help you et through this thing.”
“What are you going to do? How are you going to help? I’m losing my mind. I don’t to have you watch me fall apart.”
Lisa put a comforting arm on Jesse’s shoulder. “It’s okay, Jesse.”
Jesse took her hand and held it tight. “I’m afraid to go to sleep. I’m afraid to stay awake. I’m ruining your party. They’re gonna put me away for sure.” “We’ll figure it out together. We’ll stay up all night if we have to. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Lisa kissed him ever so gently, then again. Jesse embraced her—then felt his body twitching. Jesse pushed himself away and scrambled to his feet. Lisa looked puzzled and upset. “What’s wrong?” Jesse was visibly shaken. “I’ll see you.” Lisa looked at Jesse helplessly as he slipped out the cabana door.

Grady was in his bed, sleeping on his back, dead to the world. Suddenly, a hand clamped over his mouth as a light flicked on. It was Jesse. He had climbed in through the open bedroom window. “Hey, man, you scared me to death!” Grady said, scrambling out of bed. “What are you doing here?” “You gotta let me stay here tonight, Grady.” “Are you nuts or something?” “Listen to me, Grady. This is serious. Something really weird is happening. It started out like just bad dreams—but it’s getting real bad!” “Aw, will you get out of here! Go and take a sleeping pill or something.” Grady flopped back down on his bed and put his arm over his eyes. “In fact, take a whole bottle and do the world a favor.” Jesse sat on the edge of the bed. “I killed Schneider, Grady.” Grady lifted his arm from his eyes and stared at Jesse in disbelief.

“Only it wasn’t me,” Jesse continued. “I was there but it was like something inside of me, moving me around. Then last night it made me go into my sister’s room. And tonight, with Lisa in the cabana. I felt it happening again.” He grabbed Grady’s arm. “It wanted me to kill them, Grady!” Grady frowned. “You’re nuts, you know that?” “I’m scared, Grady. I know it sounds crazy. But there’s some thing trying to get into my body.” Grady sneered. “Look,” said Jesse, “I don’t care if you believe me or not…” “I believe you. You had some scary dreams, okay?” “No!” Jesse shouted in frustration. “I don’t know—everything’s all mixed up! What difference does it make? I’m in trouble here. I need your help!” Grady nodded. “Okay, schmuck. What do you want me to do?” “Just watch me. If anything weird happens—like if I start dreaming weird or try to walk out of here, you gotta try to bring me out of it. Hit me over the head if you have to. Just don’t let me leave.” Grady looked down at the floor, sighed, and nodded. “And Grady?” Grady looked up. “Don’t fall asleep!”

Lisa sat on a lounge chair, her eyes red from crying. Her friend Kerry sat next to her, trying to offer comfort. It was getting late, and the party was winding down. “Why don’t you just call him?” said Kerry. “He won’t talk to me,” Lisa replied tearfully. “Well, you’re not doing him or yourself any good sitting here and worrying.” Lisa looked at Kerry. “I should go see him, but… I don’t know, the party and all…” “Go ahead. I’ll hold down the fort.” Lisa smiled and got up. “Thanks, Kerry. You’re a pal.”

Grady sat on the bed, staring at the TV. He turned to Jesse, slumped in a nearby chair, asleep. He was wearing a filthy green and red sweater. Grady shook his head. “Sweet dreams, buddy.” Grady turned off the reading light by the bed. He gave a final look at Jesse, then waved disgustedly at him before laying down. Suddenly, Jesse’s eyes flew open. “Grady?” Grady mumbled, then faced Jesse. “What?” “It’s happening again!” Grady turned on the reading light in time to see Jesse curled up in pain on the floor. Then he flailed about as if shocked by 1000 volts. Grady scrambled out of bed and danced around Jesse, not knowing what to do. Suddenly, Jesse raised his hand and spread his fingers apart. Four steel razor-knives sprung from Jesse’s fingers like long switchblades. It seemed like some crazed beast in Jesse’s gut was trying to get out. A red cloud of powdery mist enveloped Jesse… then Freddy Krueger burst from the mist!

Grady backed toward the door. “No…no!” he cried. Freddy just stood there with an evil smile. He put on his battered hat. Grady tried desperately to get out, but the door wouldn’t open. Freddy cackled evilly as he cut off Grady’s screams by grabbing his throat with his unarmed hand. He pushed Grady up against the door and lifted him off the floor. Then he drew back his knife-hand and prepared to strike. Grady’s parents heard their son’s screams. They rushed to the bedroom door and began pounding on it. “What’s going on?” Mr. Grady shouted. “Open the door, Ronny!” Mr. Grady threw his shoulder with all his might against the door, but it wouldn’t budge. Inside the room, Jesse came to. He gazed in horror at Grady’s body, slumped against the door. Then he saw the knife-blades on his right hand. Jesse saw his reflection in a full length mirror on the wall—the image of Freddy Krueger! “No!” he screamed. “No! No! No! You killed him!” Jesse hurled the glove at the mirror, cracking it. Freddy’s mocking image remained, his evil cackling laugh filling the room.

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