Monthly Archives: September 2006

Fuse & Fango host Creeper Double Fe…

In yet another pairing of fuse and FANGORIA, which are teaming for the first … Read more »

Save some $$$ on the Infinifilm DVD rele…

Don’t forget that the Infinifilm DVD of A Nightmare on Elm Street will be … Read more »

A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Quiz.

Ready for more “A Nightmare on Elm Street” fun? New Line Cinema has created … Read more »

A Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer Contes…

In celebration of the 9/26 infinifilm DVD release of the “A Nightmare On Elm … Read more »

1428 Elm St. For Sale!!!

That’s right, the house at 1428 N. Genesee Ave. is currently for sale for … Read more »

DVD Sneak Peek!

IGN has posted two short videos from the new Infinifilm DVD coming out September … Read more »

Slash & Burn, pt. 2

Clips 6-10 for “Slash & Burn – The Freddy Krueger Story” have been added … Read more »

Next week: A Nightmare on Elm Street in …

Don’t forget that the very first Nightmare returns to theatres next week. Check here … Read more »

Gloves all that ends all…

“One, two, Freddy’s coming for you!” This life-sized, ultra-realistic prop replica of the infamous … Read more »

Slash & Burn!

Check out the special feature section on the website for selective clips from the … Read more »

A Nightmare on Elm Street Posters…

Check out the new posters for the limited theatrical release of the special edition … Read more »

A Nightmare on Elm Street Preview #1

Click here to check out a 4 page preview of A Nightmare on Elm … Read more »