Teen Slashers Turn Love Bloody in Common Shiner Music Video

Posted on: September/26/2014 11:06 AM

What was it like when your favorite horror slashers attended high school? Chicago band Common Shiner gives us the answer in their new music video “Social Mediasochist.” Several of horror’s most recognizable slashers appear in Common Shiner’s video as they navigate the perilous halls of Wes Craven’s Slasher High School and explore matters of the (bloody) heart.

Social Mediasochist

Horror villains have appeared in music videos since the ’80s but dropping them in a high school setting is definitely a fun twist. How did the idea come about to feature some of horror’s greatest in a tale about teenage love?

“When [director] Zoran [Gvojic] and I first brainstormed about a video to do for the song, our original thought was to do our version of a John Hughes movie, with some sort of nerdy/outcast guy loving a popular girl from afar,” commented Common Shiner band leader Morgan Foster. “As we thought about what our fun take on that could be, our love of horror movies led us in the obvious direction of setting it at Wes Craven’s Slasher High School.”

“We came up with the idea of doing a John Hughes-style teen comedy but soon realized all of our friends were in their 30s and wouldn’t make convincing teens,” added video director Zoran Gvojic. “So I looked over at this silicone Freddy Krueger mask I’d just purchased and thought, ‘What if all the teens were slasher killers?’ Then we could cover our friends’ faces in masks and I could get my money’s worth out of this damned Freddy mask. After that, all of the pieces clicked into place and we set out to make a love letter to Slasher movies.”

So, what does “Social Mediasochist” mean exactly? “Originally, we called the song ‘Why’s Facebook Always the First to Know,'” said Foster. “Our producer [demanded we] shorten the [song’s] name, which led us to invent the word ‘Mediasochist.’ I had written [this] song because I had a ‘friends with benefits’ type of relationship and I would end up just torturing myself by obsessively checking her Facebook updates, knowing that whatever fantasy of a relationship was in my head was never actually going to happen.”

The journey in love is no easier for the music video’s characters, but horror fans will find a lot to enjoy as every scene seems to give a nod to something familiar. “The video is absolutely packed with references to films like Trick R’ Treat, Halloween III, Evil Dead, and even Back to the Future,” teased Gvojic. “Hopefully you’ll find a new Easter egg every time you watch the video.”

Watch “Social Mediasochist” below!

Special thanks to Morgan Foster and Zoran Gvojic. And a very special thanks to August Forte!

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