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Freddy’s Fresh Face

By Luis M. Rasales & Angel Sucasas Published in Fangoria #292. The sunset is … Read more »

Dreams Don’t Die

The Krueger reboot may be the most anticipated—and controversial—modern horror remake of them all. … Read more »

Recreating Krueger

By Luis M. Rosales & Angel Luis Sucasas Published in Fangoria #291. One, two, … Read more »

Fangoria interviews Freddy vs. Jason vs.…

Fangoria interviewed the creative team behind Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors. … Read more »

Fangoria posts Elm Street remake photos

Fangoria has posted some behind-the-scenes photos from Platinum Dunes’ A Nightmare on Elm Street. … Read more »

Fangoria posts Nightmare remake update f…

Yesterday, Fangoria posted the following interview with Nightmare remake producers Brad Fuller and Andrew … Read more »

Tony vs. “Freddy vs. Jason”

By Anthony Timpone Published in Fangoria #228. What a year it’s been for nostalgia. … Read more »

Slicing Toward Completion: Part Two

The evolution of Freddy vs. Jason continues through more writers, more plots and multiple … Read more »

Old Blood in New Bottles

Makeup FX artist Bill Terezakis has reconceived Freddy, Jason and the ever-popular flesheating ghouls… … Read more »

Freddy & Jason Go to Development He…

The road to the monstrous marauders’ battle was a long and complicated one. By: … Read more »

Krueger Contented

Robert Englund talks up the long-awaited Freddy vs. Jason and his own place in … Read more »

Mad Behind the Mask

By: Marc Shapiro Published in Fanorgia #225. Kane Hodder has played unstoppable serial killer … Read more »

The Making of Freddy vs. Jason

Two heavyweights. One final battle. And a lot of unlucky bystanders along the way. … Read more »

Place Your Bets!

The matchup you’ve been screaming for is finally ready to slash its way onto … Read more »