Sweater Weather: Bundle Up with Mondo’s Freddy Sweaters

Posted on: December/28/2018 12:45 AM

When it comes to sweaters, Freddy’s is the most iconic. Now it’s our time to combat the chill with sweaters of our own. Mondo has a few Freddy sweaters to keep you warm in the winter.

Mondo’s Nightmare 1 Sweater
The only time Freddy wore a sweater without stripes on his sleeves was in the first film. That’s why a sweater without stripes on its sleeves are very hard to come by. But Mondo has made it possible and we think this absolutely rocks. It can be yours for just $49 USD. Kudos to you, Mondo!

Mondo Freddy Krueger Part 1 Sweater
Mondo’s Version 2 Sweater
Stay warm in a sweater modeled after Freddy’s most iconic appearance. Also just $49 USD.

Mondo Freddy Krueger Classic Sweater

Mondo’s Elm Street Cardigan

Never worn by Freddy (that we know of), but we imagine that if he did, it must have been when he was in “dad mode.” Yours for $49USD.

Mondo Freddy Krueger Cardigan

If you want more Elm Street, Mondo has a huge selection. All items ship within 2 business days.