More on Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash

Posted on: August/15/2007 3:02 AM

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The six-issue crossover will be co-published by Dynamite Entertainment with both the first and second issue released in November, and sees Sam Raimi’s “Evil Dead” anti-hero mix it up with the two biggest icons of ‘80s slasher cinema. The panelists explained that the driving factor behind making the series came from Booster Gold co-writer and former New Line Cinema producer (and current Fox executive) Jeff Katz, who drafted the original story as a movie pitch.

“We did get a very extensive treatment for the movie that was originally proposed a few years back, “ explained Khoric who pens the regular Army of Darkness monthly. “There was a lot of fan excitement around it for a number of years – 2003, 2004 – until it unfortunately met its demise. Although what some people probably don’t know is that there was this approved treatment done for it, and it got pretty far in the line before it kicked the bucket… You’ll be getting the movie that was to be in comics format.”

“I was always really influenced by Sam Raimi,” Craig said of the director’s signature visual style. “It says in the script ‘put in an Army of Darkness shot’ and all of the shots are Sam Raimi-esque.”


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With Wizard World Chicago slowing down to a near halt on Sunday, Wildstorm still had time to show off for the fans with a little “Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash.”

The comic is based on the treatment for a feature film by Jeff Katz that was approved but never made it to film.

“There was an approved treatment that was done for it, it was approved before it kicked the bucket,” James Kuhoric, writer of the series, told the 40 people in attendance. “We’ve got that treatment, it was approved, so you’ll get to see it.”

The series will be six-issues and kicks off with two issues coming out in November. J. Scott Campbell will do the covers while Jason Craig will do interiors.

“I’m the biggest horror geek out there, so I’m putting everything into it,” Craig said. “We’ve got screen shots (from previous movies)… we’re keeping the color, the tone, everything the same.”