Just how far away is the Nightmare on Elm Street remake?

Posted on: August/3/2007 4:25 AM

Rob Zombie's HalloweenFrom Amityville to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, horror film remakes have been running rampant in the last few years.  This August will prove no different as Rob Zombie’s “reimagining” of John Carpenter’s  horror classic Halloween will hit theatres.  It seems the film industry is holding its breath to see how Zombie’s Halloween will perform at the box office, so they have an idea of where to focus their future horror “efforts”. 

Variety reported on July 26th (and 27th, respectively) that Platinum Dunes plans to release their Friday the 13th remake/sequel in 2009.  Although, they too are awaiting the box office tally before going forward with the project.  With heavy hitters like Psycho, Dawn of the Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween already completed, and with Friday the 13th and Clive Barker’s Hellraiser on the way, just how long will it be before A Nightmare on Elm Street rounds out the horror classic remake list?

Could a Nightmare on Elm Street remake/prequel hybrid be just around the corner?  Robert Englund has been pushing the rumored Nightmare prequel in almost every interview since 2003 and fans have been clamoring for another sequel.  Couldn’t New Line cover both bases by producing a “reimagining” of A Nightmare on Elm Street?

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