A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge — Synopsis

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge Movie Poster

It’s been five years since Nancy Thompson waged her last battle with Freddy Krueger in that sinister house on Elm Street. Five years…

The Walsh family—Jesse (Mark Patton), a 17 year-old, with his father (Clu Gulager), mother (Hope Lange) and sister, Angela (Christie Clark)—has just moved in. Right off the top, Jesse starts having bad dreams. His parents assume this is due to the pressure of being the “new kid in town.” Jesse knows otherwise. Something evil is alive in this house.

The signs are unclear but disturbing. The house becomes unbearably hot suddenly on one of the coolest nights of the year. Appliances take on a mentality of their own, and abruptly burst into flames.

Even the pet parakeet has an anxiety attack and turns into a roman candle.

Mark turns to Lisa (Kim Myers), his new girlfriend, to try and figure out what’s happening. They piece together assorted rumors and old news clippings of the house’s homicidal past, and discover the grisly details about the local child-murderer, Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund), who was killed—burned to death—by town citizens years ago.

Meanwhile, Jesse’s dreams are turning frighteningly real, and perhaps blurring into reality itself. Freddy Krueger appears in the darkness, muttering black threats about the “plans” he has for Jesse. Lisa tells Jesse he’s just having a series of intense psychic episodes, but something tells him the situation is far more odious. Slowly, he feels himself succumbing to Freddy, and his own darker impulses rising within.

Then, a bloody nightmare. Jesse finds himself observing the brutal slaying of his gym teacher, Coach Schneider (Marshall Bell). The next day, he learns the murder has, in fact, occurred. Jesse is convinced it wasn’t Freddy Krueger but himself who was the murderer. The fear starts to build inside Jesse like never before. He feels his sanity starting to unhinge.

Panic-stricken, Jesse cuts himself off from his family and friends. But Lisa seeks him out and refuses to leave, comforting him. Jesse begins to relax. They start to make love when, abruptly, Freddy seizes hold of Jesse: a long-tongued demon is suddenly staring hungrily at Lisa. Fearing for her, Jesse tears himself away and bolts outside.

Jesse visits his friend, Grady (Robert Rusler), and begs him to stay awake with him. He tries to tell Grady about Freddy’s possession of his body, but his friend shrugs and dozes off. Soon after, Jesse doubles over in terrible pain, and Grady wakes up to see him being ripped apart by a savage force—a beast within, Freddy Krueger, clawing his way out. The glistening killer emerges and eyes Grady. Grady screams and tries to run out of the room. The door is locked. Freddy reaches out and, within seconds, Grady slumps to the floor, blank-eyed, wasted. And there, standing over Grady’s body, is Jesse.

He finds Lisa and falls into her arms, bloody and agonizing over Grady’s murder. Lisa listens with a numbing realization: these aren’t dreams, and Freddy is no shadow. As Jesse feels another transformation coming on, he warns Lisa to run away. But she stands by, trying to help him fight it. Still, Freddy wins out.

Freddy attacks Lisa and begins chasing her through her house. In his clutches, Lisa begs for her life and pleads with Jesse to come through. Poised for the kill, Freddy is about to slash at her when… something stops him. A glint of recognition in his eyes, his features contorting into confusion. Freddy scrams out and runs away from Lisa and into the night.

A rampage of terror follows. Freddy invades a pool party and spreads flames everywhere, slashing at random at the young party guests. Lisa’s father (Thom McFadden) attempts to fire at Freddy with a shotgun but Lisa, knowing it’s really Jesse, stops him. Freddy turns and stalks away, right through a hedge fence.

Lisa follows him to the old factory where Freddy Krueger used to work. She confronts Jesse/Freddy and offers her love to him. Jesse feels an inner strength of his own welling inside him. Freddy begins to weaken, and then gives up his possession. The horror is over, not with a bang but with a whisper.

— Press Kit Synopsis