Darkride Studios Reveals New Part 4 Freddy Krueger Mask

Posted on: January/10/2019 2:33 AM

Darkride Studios has unveiled a new part 4 Freddy Krueger mask.

The name “Darkride Studios” is synonymous with arguably the best Freddy Krueger masks available. The artist behind the work is James Updegraph who has been perfecting his Freddy masks for over a decade.

“When I started doing this there was only a handful of people making silicone masks at the time,” says Updegraph. Practice makes perfect and for quality Freddy masks, they don’t get much better than Darkride Studios.



Joseph Diaz wearing the new mask.

Previous masks include part 1, part 2, part 3part 4 and Freddy vs Jason.

If you have a part 4 already by Updegraph, you might be wondering why this is so different.

“With my master of dreams I chose to sculpt this mask over a different core than my other masks,” Updegraph explains. “The core was once used during the rusty era at spfx. I have made some changes to the core to put my on signature on it. It’s no longer a carbon copy but rather has the spirit of og spfx. To this day they are still my favorite company and were initially my interest when I bent an making masks. So the fit will be much different than my part 4v3. The sculpt is maybe more mature as I am maturing as an artists as well.”

If you want to order a mask, they’ll be hard to come by as Updegraph is changing up how he makes and sells them.

“Darkride will no longer be taking orders. For now I am a one man show and I don’t want to get in a situation where orders are piled up. Once I have finished a mask I will post the mask on eBay for immediate delivery once the auction had ended.”

As has been the case for years, Updegraph is constantly perfecting his work as an artist. Now he’s challenging himself with new projects.

“I definitely would like to take Darkride to the next level and offers a variety of different masks and other props,” Updegraph says. “I’m leaning toward original characters. It’s all about timing and finding a team of individuals who can help me make that a reality.”

Check out some images and a video of the new mask below. Visit James Updegraph on Facebook to see what he’s up to and check out more of his work

Darkride Studios part 4 Freddy Krueger mask

Darkride Studios part 4 Freddy Krueger mask

Darkride Studios part 4 Freddy Krueger mask

Darkride Studios part 4 Freddy Krueger mask