Jason X (Special) #1

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Jason X (Special) #1
Written by Brian Pulido
Art by Sebastian Fiumara
Released: 2005
Publisher: Avatar Press

Premise: In 2005, Avatar Press began releasing titles from New Line Cinema’s “House of Horror” license, which includes A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and Platinum Dune’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. To kick off their titles, Avatar released one-shot “special” issues serving as an introduction to the New Line characters and premises.

Writer Brian Pulido, the bloody maestro, teams up with artist Sebastian (Hypothetical Lizard) Fiumara on Jason X, the horror story of a twisted super-powered amalgamation of Jason Voorhees and future technology! Set in 2455, Uber-Jason is brought to Earth II. Kristen, a bio-engineer, needs tissue samples from Uber-Jason in the hopes that his regenerative abilities can save her and her loved ones. She is convinced she can contain his rage. Big mistake! Uber-Jason unleashes a torrent of high-tech terror and gore!

Plot Breakdown (spoilers): Continuing from the end of Jason X, what looks like a meteor crashes on Earth II in 2455. The couple who watched the “falling star,” investigates the scene, and turned on by their discovery, begin to have sex. Uber-Jason emerges from the crash site and kills the couple. However, the scene quickly changes, and Jason finds himself back at Camp Crystal Lake on present day earth. He continues his slaughter, killing all those present. Again, the scene shifts and Jason sees his mother’s grave. While determining his situation, Jason is swallowed up by nanite technology. Afterward, it is revealed that Jason is imprisoned in a scientific lab and being tested on. Kristen, a bio-engineer, works quickly to gather a sample of Jason’s tissue. She and her android assistant, Michelle, discuss Jason’s regenerative abilities, and reveal that the surviving crew from Jason X are dead. Kristen, convinced Jason could “help” her situation, manipulated their holo-decks remotely. When the crew thought they had set a course for Earth II, they in fact set a course for Kristen’s lab instead. She has little time to mourn the crew’s passing however, as Jason breaks free from his restraints and begins to destroy the lab. After taking out Michelle, he sets his sights on Kristen, with his mother’s “voice” driving his actions. Unlike before, Jason’s mother’s voice can be heard by those near him. Kristen escapes his grasp and makes it to a medical bay, where her lover, Neil, lays severely injured from a prior injury. She uses the nanites to inject him with Jason’s tissue sample, in the hopes he will regain his health, so they can repopulate the world they are on. Knowing time is short; she lures Jason to a launch pad and tricks him into a shuttle, which she then launches into deep space. Kristen returns to an awakened Neil, thinking her gamble paid off. Neil quickly turns the tables on her, stabbing her in the stomach and revealing Jason’s mother is in control. In mother’s “voice”, he blames her for their situation and slits his own throat, leaving both to die on the floor. Meanwhile, Jason’s shuttle makes contact with a ship called S.S. Fun Club and docks. After the bay doors open, Jason begins killing the partiers aboard.

The Good: Uber-Jason returns with a vengeance, in a plausible continuation of the film. There are many new ideas presented in this special: Jason’s mother’s voice controlling his actions (a reverse from Friday of 13th), Kristen and Neil being the last two humans on a dead world, and mother’s influence being “transferred” to another. The artwork is quality here, as is the dialogue. Friday the 13th fans should enjoy this issue, as it contains all the guilty pleasures of the film series: sex, nudity, profanity, gore, and a high body count.

The Bad: While the issue is entertaining, it really doesn’t go anywhere. New ideas are presented, but can’t be fully developed because of the page constraint – leaving the reader wanting. Other problems revolve around pacing. As the issue continues with the story, and more elements are introduced, it loses its focus. The concepts used here could have been easily utilized in a full mini-series.

Final Comments: Jason X (Special) #1 is an acceptable continuation of the film, with acceptable dialogue and solid artwork. Although the issue is entertaining, it introduced too many new concepts for its short page number.
Grade: C+

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Jason X Special #1Jason X Special #1 (Gore Cover)Jason X Special #1 (Terror Cover)Jason X Special #1 (Leather Cover)Jason X Special #1 (Extreme Force Cover)Jason X Special #1 (Headless Cover)Jason X Special #1 (Victim Cover)
Jason X Special #1 (Wraparound Cover)



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