Hellraiser: Bloodline (Soundtrack)

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Hellraiser: Bloodline
Music composed by Daniel Licht
Performed by the Northwest Sinfonia and Chorus
Conducted by Pete Anthony
Released: 1996
Label: Silva America

This release is the musical score to Kevin Yagher’s 1996 film Hellraiser: Bloodline, starring Bruce Ramsay, Valentina Vargas, and Doug Bradley.


01. Main Title
02. Chez La Reve
03. Back to the Past/Present Tense
04. The Virtual Box Opens
05. Bloodlines
06. The Twins
07. Dreams of Angelique
08. Solar Alignment
09. Angelique Montage
10. Sharpe at the Gates of Hell
11. A New Box of Gold
12. Pain Has A Face
13. Back into the Box
14. Finale
15. End Title

The Good: The score for Hellraiser: Bloodline is adequate, which starts out slow and builds up over the course of the listen. Typical of horror film scores, strings are dominate here, and because of the original Hellraiser theme, are almost whimsical. Brass and percussion are strong in each piece also, with the addition of faint jingle bells in some transitional moments. Elements from the Hellbound: Hellraiser II score can be heard throughout, giving a sense of playful homage – specifically in “Back in the Box” and “Finale”. African influenced beats break up the calmness in “Back to the Past/Present Tense” and “the Twins”, effectively livening up a sometimes too dreamy effort. “Solar Alignment” gives a sense of urgency, as does “Angelique Montage”. “The End” uses elements from all the previous pieces, providing an excellent summary and ending for the listener.

The Bad: Even though the pieces provide good backing to the film, the score borderlines on boring. Nothing here steps too far outside the safe zone, relying on the main Hellraiser theme for support. Other than the African influence in some pieces, it doesn’t provide the listener with a challenging or engrossing listening experience.

Final Comments: An average score soundtrack, clearly providing a decent homage, but unable to stand on its own without backing a film.
Grade: C



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