Halloween: NightDance #3

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Halloween: NightDance #3
Written by Stefan Hutchinson
Art by Tim Seeley
Released: April 2008
Publisher: Devil’s Due Publishing
Story: Chapter Three: A Rainbow in One Color

Premise: Halloween: NightDance is a four issue mini-series based around the Halloween mythos, with Michael Myers haunting the small town of Russellville, Illinois. This series takes place within the new continuity set into motion with Halloween: H20 and Halloween: Resurrection.

Plot Breakdown (spoilers): While watching the day’s sunset, Lisa reluctantly recounts to Sean an incident with Daniel, the little boy who Lisa babysat two years prior in 1998. She and Daniel had gone for a walk one afternoon, and had come upon the house where the Russellville hacksaw incident happened years before. Daniel ran ahead of her and into the house, with Lisa chasing after him. After she entered the house, she noticed Daniel had fallen through a trap door in the floor, which led to the cellar. Lisa rushed to his aid to find him badly injured. Determining her options, she noticed a dark figure up at the cellar door. The figure closed the door and locked it, leaving the two youths trapped in the dark basement. Two days later, they were found, however Daniel would never fully recover physically from the ordeal. Two years later, Daniel still draws Lisa pictures, which Daniel’s mom leaves in her mailbox, though she refuses to speak to Lisa directly. Lisa notes her guilt, fear of darkness, and continuing nightmares stemming from the incident, while Sean comforts her. Meanwhile, at the Russellville hospital, nurses and policemen have an altercation outside the room of the unidentified girl Ryan had brought in earlier. She lies on the bed; her eyes wide open in terror. Later, Lisa and Sean return to Lisa’s house, where Lisa decides to take a shower. Before going upstairs, she mentions to Sean Nikki’s infatuation with him, and that he should call her. He agrees and tries to call Nikki, although he doesn’t get an answer. While redialing, Sean notices a blood trail in the kitchen and investigates. In the shower, Lisa ruminates on her earlier conversation with Sean and sees blood at her feet. Turning around, she sees a disemboweled cat on the shower floor. Lisa screams for Sean, jumps out of the shower, and comes face-to-face with a shape in the bathroom doorway: Michael Myers. Michael and Lisa stare at each other, until they are interrupted by Sean rushing up the stairs. Michael reaches out and grabs Sean by the neck, then throws him backward down the staircase. Lisa screams at Michael to get out, to which Michael complies. He walks down the stairs, past Sean, and disappears out the front door. Sean gets up and chases after him. Lisa, panicked by the confrontation, rushes to her room to get dressed and sees her wall is covered in the disturbing children’s drawings she’s been receiving lately, along with a smear of blood. After dressing, Lisa grabs a butcher knife from the kitchen and, realizing Myers was the same figure who locked her and Daniel in the basement those years ago, sets off for Daniel’s house, thinking Myers has come back to finish them off. When approaching Daniel’s front yard, she is stopped by Ryan, who reveals Daniel is his wife’s younger brother. Ryan informs Lisa no one is home and wants to know why she is there, with butcher knife in hand. Lisa shares her story and the photos she received earlier in the day, one of which is the picture of Judith Myers. Ryan, recognizing the picture of Judith, decides to try and force open the front door to the house. Upon gripping the door handle, he winces in pain, claiming the handle has been covered with razorblades. Meanwhile, Sean has followed Myers to the Russellville cemetery. He approaches a freshly dug grave and sees the dead body of Nikki. Before he can react however, Michael beats him to death with a shovel.

The Good: Seemingly unconnected events and characters intertwine this issue, pushing the story forward at an unexpected, welcomed pace. The artwork continues to be solid, as does the writing. Everything gels here, including the internal dialogue, which continues to be refreshing without it bogging down the story. Fans will find the bits of homage to the original Halloween welcoming, while casual readers will be drawn in by the story’s intricacies. Michael is more “in character” this issue too, being unpredictable without leaning too far outside of the norm. Lastly, this issue does what all comic books should do: leave you anticipating next issue.

The Bad: Very little. Michael’s way of killing Sean seems a bit of a stretch, but it does work overall. Otherwise, this issue works without a flaw.

Final Comments: Quality third issue, with excellent artwork and writing. Story elements begin to intertwine, making the story fresh and exciting.
Grade: A

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