Halloween: NightDance #2

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Halloween: NightDance #2
Written by Stefan Hutchinson
Art by Tim Seeley
Released: March 2008
Publisher: Devil’s Due Publishing
Story: Chapter Two: The Silent Clown

Premise: Halloween: NightDance is a four issue mini-series based around the Halloween mythos, with Michael Myers haunting the small town of Russellville, Illinois. This series takes place within the new continuity set into motion with Halloween: H20 and Halloween: Resurrection.

Plot Breakdown (spoilers): At the Halloween carnival, Lisa and her two friends, Sean and Nikki, are enjoying themselves. Lisa stares off into space thinking about an event involving young Daniel. The hurt boy is unconscious at the bottom of stairs, with Lisa at his side, her hands covered with blood. She is soon interrupted by her friends however, and the group decides to ride the carousel. While riding, Lisa notices a shape, Michael Myers, watching them. Panicked, she gets off the ride and sees nothing where the shape stood. Nikki, annoyed by the attention Sean pays Lisa, leaves for home. Meanwhile, Michael stands inside the hall of mirrors, seeing himself as a six-year-old in his Halloween clown costume, then seeing himself as an adult clown, and then seeing Judith. When seeing Judith, he strikes out and shatters the mirror. Later, after shrugging off her feelings of dread, Lisa decides to open her letter from Daniel. Inside, she finds a photograph of a girl who looks like her, with the name Judith written on it in red crayon. Two other crayon drawings accompany the photo, a drawing of a Jack O’ Lantern eating Judith and another depicting Lisa’s death. She and Sean gasp at the horrific drawings. On the other side of town, Ryan arrives at the hospital with the unconscious girl he hit with his car the previous night. The unconscious girl dreams of checking out the house where the “hacksaw incident” happened years ago (as referenced in the original Halloween). She and her boyfriend, Ben, investigate the house, where they discover Michael Myers in the shadows. Meanwhile, Nikki arrives home and begins to make a Jack O’ Lantern. Before she can finish the second eye, she is interrupted by a knock at the door. She opens it and is attacked by Michael. Myers strangles her, shoves an apple in her mouth, draws a clown face on her with red lipstick, and then stabs her in the throat. Back at the hospital, Ryan is distressed about his wife’s whereabouts, and after the police discount his Michael Myers theory, escapes into town. He does not make it far though, taking refuge under a neighborhood tree, not noticing Michael carrying Nikki’s body behind him.

The Good: Pacing is much better this issue, supporting the characters without rushing the story along. The artwork continues to be very solid and atmospheric, with good detail given to the characters and their surroundings. Little nuances here and there give the reader a sense of realism also. Character dialogue continues to be well written, with each character continuing with their internal dialogue, carrying the tale. The tie-in of the hacksaw story from Halloween is a neat touch too. In addition, gore fans should enjoy the violent way Michael dispatches his victim this issue.

The Bad: Michael’s motivations are questionable here; his actions very unlike his character. Michael, who usually stalks by day then strikes at night, strikes in broad daylight here, with a flare for decorating his victims – very uncharacteristic.

Final Comments: Another fine issue, with acceptable dialogue, solid artwork, and atmospheric tones. Michael acts a little uncharacteristically, though it doesn’t distract from the story.
Grade: B

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    One Response to “Halloween: NightDance #2”

    1. rehab54 Says:

      Thanks for the review. In regards to The Shape’s behaviour with Nikki, it’s not actually a clown face he’s drawing on her – he’s just mocking her constant use of the lipstick and tapping into her insecurities that way – the idea being that The Shape represents to you whatever your fear is (hence Nikki’s internal thoughts). He’s tormenting her by doing this, rather than decorating the body (going back to the idea that the Shape enjoys scaring his victims just as much as killing them). I’d also argue that in the films he does decorate the bodies though – e.g. the gravestone at Annie’s head, the lightbulb in the stomach of H20 – he sets the victims up for people to find their corpses later.

      As for attacking in daylight – well, we’ve seen him stalk in daylight before (and even kill in some of the sequels, although they’re not really an influence), so it’s an extension of that (and also an attempt to make him less predictable after six sequels of him doing the same old stuff).

      That’s the perspective I approached it from.

      Again, thanks for the review and taking the time to read the book.