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Demons 3: The Ogre

Apr 04, 2008 in DVD

Demons 3: The Ogre
Tagline: What happens when the nightmares of your childhood suddenly become reality?
Released: 1991
Starring Virginia Bryant, David Flosi, Patrizio Vinci
Directed by Lamberto Bava
Written by Lamberto Bava, Dardano Sacchetti

Format: DVD
Distributed by Shriek Show
Released: August 19, 2003

Interview with Lamberto Bava

Premise: Cheryl, a best-selling author of horror novels, goes on vacation with her family to an ancient villa in the Italian countryside. Legend has it the villa is said to be cursed, and very soon, Cheryl realizes that the hideous ogre that haunted her dreams as a child is alive and living in the basement of this very house. She becomes obsessed with his presence but fails to convince anyone else that he exists. It’s not until the ogre kills the babysitter and kidnaps Cheryl’s child that it becomes apparent that the stories she writes are becoming reality.

Plot Breakdown (spoilers): Ever since she was a child, Cheryl has had frequent nightmares of a fiendish ogre dwelling in the basement of a stately European castle. Years after the nightmares, Cheryl has now become a world famous horror author, and lives in Italy with her husband Tom and son Bobby. While on vacation in the Italian countryside, Cheryl and her family take up residence in an old Italian villa… that seems to look all too familiar to Cheryl. Now the nightmares of her childhood are coming true, as the monster in the basement of the villa begins to make its presence known. Cheryl must now find a way to stop the beast before it can harm her family.